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Update from 20.08.2017 - NVidia Hairworks support


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This is first implementation of hairworks, not final, has some problem. I'll give more explanations tomorrow.

1. Still did not understood how create a good hair model - hard to achive desired hair strands shape
2. Looks like collisions ignore scaling (as I found right before release, seems both physx and hairworks don't work with scaling as I expected), due to it collisions works worse
3. Looks like stiffness also affect collisions - high stiffness value force hairguides ignore collision objects - http://modsgarden.cc/Smileys/clabicons/huh.gif disappointed
4. There is can be implemented textre control for some parameters like length, density and some other - this thing literally allow you cut hair by your wish - at least it looks so
5. UI window for now is temporary solution, I want make hairs as selectable object - like hook objects, lights. Also it should save settings. Maybe more parameters will be added
6. Some optimization can be implemented in render pipeline. Some optimization can be implemented in simulation pipeline.
7. And some things that I still don't know about hairworks  http://modsgarden.cc/Smileys/clabicons/rolleyes.gif

Also#1 - due to hairworks, I have to change shadow rendering algorithm, this changes affected shadow bias parameter of lights, so maybe some adjustments required

Also#2 - fixed transparent objects rendering, which made white transparent objects darker, now should be better

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