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Wondering if I can add "Story" into a Room


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Hi, you can use sequencer to make simple story by using "optional jump" and "jump mark" to give a choice to the watcher to make one action or another. You can also

use "jump to" to go at a precise location of your time line. You can't do very elaborate things because the "optional jump" have only 3 branches but it's a start. One

other thing which can be worth to look is to try to use jumps with the multi-room for sequencer to make story using more than one room.


I hope I'm understandable because english is not my native language.

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You can get past the only three choices limit, by having the jump markers lead to another multiple choice.... for example first row of questions could be in what room you want to do the other person, and then, depending on the room, a more detailed set of questions appear (Like first choice "Bathroom" and then second for example "Standing in the shower" or shit like that. You get the gist.)

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Actually NO, you can't make a story room to play, But you can make your own story with help of sequencer and for some more twist you can add choices to your story with Jump Marks option, you can get help from help forum to learn more about sequencer..  or try using browse you will tutorials easily.. 

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