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Posted: April 02, 2018

I'm almost ready to make new update and I will use one-two days to polish some part of new code, but I want to give you some info about changes to you not being shoked after update  http://modsgarden.cc/Smileys/clabicons/loll.gif

Firstly a bit pain in your asses - there is a some critical changes in level_definitions and pass files, that I had to make to perform new glow, so this changes will discard glowing effect from all objects that already present in your rooms - sorry, but I had no choice  http://modsgarden.cc/Smileys/clabicons/embarrassed.gif

but...new glow have wider abilities to control. Glow parameters was separated:
1. glow_intensity of hook_objects parameters or villa objects via pass file - allow change particular objects intensity emittance, so final emittance value = tex_blue_channel * glow_intensity
2. glow_scale and glow_to_cubemap_scale as environment parameters - allow adjust glow strength for particular room
3. glow_scale and glow_softness as global hook parameters - slight adjustment for glow

In previous versons of hook we could adjust glow only with texture blue channel and glow effect was applied in LDR space of image, now - texture blue channel only some kind of gray mask for glow, but glow intensity should be provided via glow_intensity parameter, also glow effect calculated in HDR space to increase image quality. Also
In previous versons even one glow object could increase environment lighting brighness and overall scene become very bright, with environment glow_scale and glow_to_cubemap_scale you can achive very different results like on picture below:
the second part of picture show that glow was increased for scene but strongly decreased for cubemap - as result you can see huge glow effect without affect on overall room brightness

Here is another one example of glow results:

Also now glow will be accuracy affected by alphablended objects in depends from transparency strength and alphablended objects also could produce glow effect (not sure that everything correct here http://modsgarden.cc/Smileys/clabicons/undecided.gif😞

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