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How do you duplicate a skin in customizer to show up in Hook GUI as second skin? I'm trying to use same skin on two characters but need different skin tones and hairlines.

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Maybe this isn't the best place to post this but here I go. So lets say I really like fairskinh5. I select it for two characters in customizer but then in hook settings I want to change their skin tones, make up, hairlines etc. Well, of course when I select the skin in hook, it's just one skin that affects both characters in the scene. What are the steps to get another fairskinh5 to show in hook's skin menu for the second character so I can make these changes? I glossed over the hook5 skin guide that Hdiddy uploaded but pictures are down and I don't think it address this issue. Maybe I'm thinking about this the wrong way?

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You will need a second folder of the skin+ skin definition files.

Copy all over, rename your _skin.txt (for ex: _fairskin.txt to _fairskin2.txt) change to the new name in the skin_defnition.txt too)

H5Skins are loaded by folder not by model.


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Finally got around to trying this out. Worked great!

For those also wondering about this, it's exactly as Bbird suggests. For reference this is what I did

Copied _FairskinH5 folder in active mod directory and named it to something else, in this case I called it _FairskinH5V2

Copied the _FairskinH5.txt and renamed it (any name is fine since you just load the desired .txt in using hook anyways.

And finally inside the _skin_definition.txt in the newly created folder of _FairskinH5V2 I changed the name to this

name = _fairskinH5V2.txt

\name = _another_skin_data.txt

And the second skin now shows up in Customizer as _FairskinH5V2 and in the hook skin system as it's own separate entry

Thank you for clearing up this simple process for me! This is something that has been holding me back from making new models honestly.


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To go further down this rabbit hole, would zPenis follow the same method? I believe it depends on an add-on in this case. If I duplicate the folder in active mod and do the renaming, will I get a second instance in Customizer as well that can also be separately adjusted in Hook5?

I tried to copy the folder but its not showing in Customizer, maybe I need to close and restart the program? Or do I need to do something with copying the add-on?

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