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Sweet home 3d to TKroom.h5m


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1.Sweet home 3d (free) is floor plan creation software
When you create a floor plan, a 3D model room is generated as is.
2. In addition to officially distributed furniture, a huge number of furniture made by volunteers is also available from related sites.
*Blender itself also has a room creation add-on, so I don't know which one is more convenient.

Steps to convert h5m file
1. Create a floor plan with Sweet home 3d
2.3D view > Export to OBJ format...
3. If you have pasted a texture, also export the image file (Export all)




4.Import OBJ file to blender
5. The imported 3D object is huge and cannot be displayed unless you zoom out a lot.
6. Check the orientation of the surface
7. Make everything blue! (Shift+N or Shift+Ctrl+N)
*If you want to pass through walls with cull_mode 0 in the hook5 menu, set the outermost wall to red.





8.Export OBJ file
9. Size is 1:100, triangulate, texture path to Relative



10.Convert obj to h5m with OBJ2H5MConverter (image files generated by sweet home 3d are also in the same location as obj and h5m files)
11.As usual, write to _level_definition.txt and it will be displayed (alpha_blend is off, color_multiplier is adjusted)



Display by TK17




Please read sweet home 3d's terms of use
Terms of use for installed furniture and materials vary depending on the manufacturer.
You own the copyright to the floor plan you create.

There is no problem with personal use, but please discuss with each other about uploading to Klubexile.


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