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Welcome to Klub Exile. If you happened to make your way to the site either from Lovers Lab or a Search on Google, we are glad you found us.  To unlock the entire site you will need to have a account registered.  Don't worry it is free but in the mean time you can read up on why we made the site and other little tidbits.  Feel free to join or Discord Server also if you have any more questions.  Thanks for stopping by and See You on the other side.

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About this blog

I've been playing Villa since 2008. 
In my spare time I create poses, mostly taken from life and clips.

I am happy to share them with the community. It used to be MG, now I'm here 😎
Owning a collection of textures and poses from the 2000s


So, hi 👋


Entries in this blog

A lot of new poses are being prepared

Hello, friends! Did you miss me? Work and family life take a lot of time, but I don't forget about you! got a lot of good feedback on my poses, all this time I was working on new products, my wife gave me some new ideas 😛 Soon I will upload new products to the site, expect 🫡


Kirill_Fill in Poses

Recreating poses

So, I made a lot of poses that I posted on the site, the feedback from users allowed me to improve the old poses, so I will gradually improve the old poses I posted on the site For a certain amount of time I have understood more about the morphs and so I will make an emphasis on realism     


Kirill_Fill in Poses

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