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What I'm currently working on (Part 1)

The Barber


Hi friends,

Barber here with a quick list as to what I'm currently working on in various states of me actually working on it.

If you don't what even any minor spoilers for what might eventually be released around 2073 stop reading now.


Extreme Bliss Simulator

  • What is it? - Basically a spoof project that in the end will look like a video game, putting the player against one girl at a time like in a fighting game. All with cover art, an over the top commercial, menu screens and "actual" gameplay. In essence being a character in a video porn game might be nice, but actually outfucking Instagram models turns out is kinda hard. Think of it as fucking Instagram models the video game 😂
  • What I still need to add - You know when your laptop breaks and deletes all your work?.....Yeah......Let's just say a lot: 1 or 2 trailers, an opening Intro, the game mode menus, the character select menus, a few more loading screens, character stat and bio screens, thE ACTUAL F'ING GAMEPLAY!!!
  • What I have shared so far (in my albums) - A few loading screens, a still of the game over screen if you will, the cover of the game
  • How much I'm actually working on it - A lot lately. I need to have a think as to what I can release when. I don't like to throw content out when it's only about 10 % of the entire project. Puts too much pressure on to finish the other 90 % quickly.
  • Can you help contribute to this project? - Yes you can! I need to open up a seperate blog post as to where audience participation would be possible and/or helpful. My brain can only output so much.


Slut Girl vs. Captain Stiff

  • What is it? - Again a spoof video project that uses the old Gameboy look and feel. Screens will look and sound like a 1996 Gameboy game. Main focus more on like a superhero type feel.
  • What I still need to add - Story Progression. Got a few more things in mind. Still need to capture the footage and write amazing NPC dialog.
  • What I have shared so far (in my albums) - The covers of the game cartridge and the box.
  • How much I'm actually working on it - Will pick that back up once I've progressed with the first project


Project Bang-Robots (working title)

  • What is it? - A video project that see's the ever so underfucked Tanja dive into the world of giant 8ft tall sex androids. Cause sometimes you just have to try new things. Like letting them lose on all the girls just to see what would happen! Uses one of the giant Android models created on that former site that shall not be named a lot. So thanks for that sweet model (eventhough I was too dumb to make the skin look good so it's essentially grey and lifeless - which might actually be a plus here).
  • What I still need to add - Just more story. Yeah! Story! On this site! You'll see....
  • What I have shared to far - Nothing I think. Will attach a screenshot just for funs.
  • How much I'm actually working on it - It's kinda on hold right now. The let's bang instagram models game is my main focus right now tbh.


Random DVD Covers

  • I'll probably keep making DVD covers in between somewhere
  • Input appreciated on theme/topic ideas and creative bonus features - more on that in a separate post


Miscellaneous Stuff

  • What my parents/friends/co-workers think I'm doing vs. what I'm actually doing type video (almost finished yay)
  • Caylie getting possessed by a Demon and turning into a giant MILF slut (got a like 6min of video ready but it's a slow build lol)
  • Things not even remotely finished go here


And that's about it. As always if you see any of your poses/rooms/skins/objects/whatever in any of my content, then kudos to you and thank you. I hope I used it to your liking.



Bang Robots 1.png

Bang-Robots 2.JPG

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