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Old Sci-fi stuff, Part 2.



Another old set I did, way back in time.
Just started to tweaking some of the more iffy textures.

And adding the hook5 effects and lighting all over the place.
Going for the dark and neon green vibe here 😛

Find it to fit nicely with the metallic Xenomorph model.
Of course this scene isn't very claustrophobic so it takes some of the tension away.


screenshot_22_01_05 18_06_17.jpg 

screenshot_22_01_05 17_34_39.jpg

screenshot_22_01_05 17_36_06.jpg

screenshot_22_01_05 17_41_44.jpg

screenshot_22_01_05 17_42_31.jpg

screenshot_22_01_05 17_44_19.jpg

screenshot_22_01_05 17_52_25.jpg

screenshot_22_01_05 18_04_30.jpg

screenshot_22_01_05 18_04_44.jpg

screenshot_22_01_05 18_05_10.jpg

screenshot_22_01_05 18_07_02.jpg

screenshot_22_01_05 18_07_24.jpg

screenshot_22_01_05 18_07_39.jpg

screenshot_22_01_05 18_07_58.jpg

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On 1/6/2022 at 10:05 PM, L0v3rb0i1 said:

The screenshots look amazing but its really dark 

Yeah, the screenshots are a bit more blurry to then the real scene in the game. 
I'm still messing about with the lighting. Though once it's released you can still change the lvl_def file to your own liking 😉

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