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About this blog

A blog where I show what I'm working on at the moment.




Entries in this blog

Aelven Ruin Scene Part3

What happened to my Elven ruins?... Well... I decided to take a different approach. Instead of releasing a prebuild scene made out of a few Hook5 objects. I'll now release a Elven Ruin pack, containing a large amount of pieces. You can then use these in any scene of your choosing. The idea, it's a bit like a box full of lego, you can build, mix and match however you like. Hook5 offers a lot; so you can place, rotate and even scale up or down the various pieces. I'll also provi


Quarz in Aelven Ruin Scene Part 3


Started to work with Daz Studio lately; so I stumbled upon the dragons. An ideal fit for my fantasy craving 😄 I know, I know... Butterfly hopping about projects. Still messing about with the Ruins scene; the plants and grasses are bit of a hassle to get right to my liking. So far I got 3 different poses for the dragon into the game. These are H5 objects, it's just easier to use with in the scenes. Still need to do some tweaks to get a good scale from the start; so the us


Quarz in Dragons

Aelven Ruin Scene Part2

A little update on my on going H5 scene project. Added in extra boulders, rocks, also plants and shrubs. The ground is now a mix of grass and dirt, which blends it just all a bit better. I've "cut" up the scene into various H5 objects. There are a few groups of trees, the plants, statue, etc... Users can switch them on/ off to their own liking. Check out the screenshots I made. Besides the new scene, I'll look into packing up the rocks and plants H5 objects into a separate pack.

Aelven Ruin Scene

Since I found out on how create H5 objects; I've started to mess about with  H5 rooms. I've got a decent starting point now. It's very basic so far. Just some ruins and cliffs at the back. It needs further dressing up. Looks a bit bare now. Though perhaps it's to large a scene? Anyhow have a peek at the snapshots I made, open for some tips. 🙂 Oh, I'm still working on thos goblins and other critters. But the skinning/ setting up bones etc... It's fickle business and I want to do i

Crocodile Monster

Well this one took some more work then the goblins. The croc did have a basic skeleton/ skin in its model. But it was very, very basic. No moveable fingers, jaw was always open. Like only 2 vertebrae... etc So, I redid the whole bones/ skin/ weight thing. The big lad is now able to take poses better. This isn't in the game though. So it's all "fixed" into place.


Quarz in Crocodile Monster

Goblin Test

Tiny update on what I'm messing about with now. It's no secret I like fantasy stuff 😛 So I'm trying to get some extra critters in the game. H5 objects seem a good route to go; it easy to use and position. Though I might convert a few to toys. So the user then has some options.  Which is always nice.


Quarz in Goblin Test

SkyForge cave scene, Part 2.

Started to create my own textures for the SkyForge cave scene. Picked a more desert red/ orange setting. Grayish green color has been done to death. Still have some work to do on the "benches". Texture don't really fit that nicely. And the stone reliefs got stretched a bit to much. And it's obviously a photo 🙃 Was trying to pull of a sort of "magic" effect in the bowl. Thought I could use the water effect setting on it. But that didn't seem to work. Have to do some looking up on

SkyForge cave scene.

Found this old cave scene here on KlubExile. Started to redo the textures (grabbed the OG skyrim textures for now) and made new normal/ specular maps to my own taste. Next step is to replace the textures with something of my own. To give it another look and feel. And of-course I also made a nice lighting setup. First time I messed about with the fire emitter thing for hook 5. So far that is pretty basic. But it does add some 'oempf' to the drama in the scene 😁 I'll try to create my


Quarz in SkyForge cave scene.

Pirate Set

Since I made a texture set for the boat scene, I needed a matching outfit set. Been doing all these more fantasy like sets, so why not a pirate/ bandit/ scoundrel thingy. The starting point, inspiration... what to use, was an old "Elf Bandit" pack from the older game releases. So far I got a blouse and hot pants, that work rather nicely together, with matching high heel boots. I've got few more ideas on extra bits to add; to fully flesh out the set. Have a gander on what I got so


Quarz in Pirate Set

Blue Fantasy Set Part 2

Continued the work on the new fantasy set. Have made a second variation and added extra bits and pieces to spruce things up.  It's coming along nicely, there are few more corset and other clothing items I want to mess about with to see, if they fit with the set and theme. Have a peek on how it looks so far:  

Blue Fantasy Set

Working on a new fantasy looking set. Messing about with various clothing bits, to get a sorceress look going. Might try to do some sort of magic spell effects and the like. Though it's only coming together slowly. Set my mind on a nice blue color. So far just have this corset, neck, gloves and "pants" ready, want to match them up with a few armor pieces. Have a peek at the shots a made so far. Oh, also working on some extra Minotaur poses set in between 😄  


Quarz in Blue Fantasy Set

Lofty scene

Digging about my old Tk17 install, I found back this Loft texture set. It's a set from another modder, can't remember who though, but I'm slowly altering and switching stuff out. Having fun with the sky cube thing, added a big moon, now trying to add in more city buildings. It needs further tweaking to work properly. Bit to flat at the moment. Been adding/ tweaking the normal- and specularmaps all over. Setup a bunch of lights etc.. Pleased with how it's shaping up. Enjoy the pictures! 


Quarz in Lofty scene

Lady Baphomet

Found back this demon skin named Baphomet, made/ released by Masterbaiter, in my old pile of 7.5 stuff. Just made a normal and specular map for it; then dropped on some extras to complete her look. Looks like proper lady of hell now! Might go and do another armor/ clothing set just for her. But it's fun so far to play around with.


Quarz in Lady Baphomet

Alien Beach

A minor post, just messing about with the beach scene from the game. Trying out some oddball xeno/ alien looking textures. Adding fog and some lights. Just to get some atmosphere, no idea if I'll release this, it's a bit empty looking so far... 😅


Quarz in Alien Beach

Catsuits "re"creations

By digging up those older sci-fi texture sets previously, I found a bunch of Keidos catsuit sets. Loved to use these with some armor and other stuff.  So I tried to give them a Normal and Specular map, but it looks like that doesn't work really well in the "shiny" and "oily" options. Looks like the same effect gets applied all over. Plus it felt a bit lazy to use another creators work for like 99.99% and only add that little minor extra. I decided to use Keidos work as a basis, s


Quarz in Catsuits "re"creations

Old Sci-fi stuff, Part 2.

Another old set I did, way back in time. Just started to tweaking some of the more iffy textures. And adding the hook5 effects and lighting all over the place. Going for the dark and neon green vibe here 😛 Find it to fit nicely with the metallic Xenomorph model. Of course this scene isn't very claustrophobic so it takes some of the tension away.    

Old Sci-fi stuff.

Been digging in some old folders. Found this gritty retexture for the airplane scene. It's one of my first attempts to redo a scene for the game, though it was for 7.15. So I've started to tweak it to work with the VX release. So far it looks okay. Though I've got doubt about the screen textures. They look a bit subpar. And perhaps it's to dark for the moment?


Quarz in Old Sci-Fi scene.

Minotaur skin.

Title gives it away; spend some time tweaking the skin/ texture for the minotaur body. I've got most things sorted out by now. Though the hands keep appearing darker? I've matched the color of the textures as best I can though, in game alas it's more obvious. But otherwise the lad turned out quiet nicely. Just goofing about with various poses. The lady elves don't seem to mind much 😉 More pictures to be found in my album/ gallery.


Quarz in Minotaur skin

Quarzs Fantasy Workshop

I'm slowly digging through my old K17 install and found an old gem. It's an old skin I did for the Neo/ Xenomorph model; the Alien monster. The released model at the time only had the white fleshy skin, but I always preferred the black insect carapace look. I was happy that this model was already available for VX, here at Klub Exile. So grabbed it and started tweaking my skin to work with Hook5. So far it's super glossy looking, perhaps a bit to strongly, I might play around with it a b


Quarz in Hot lava stuff!

Quarzs Fantasy Workshop

Decided to start and try out this blog thingy. Might be helpful to get some extra tips and suggestions on how to improve my work. Of course it's also fun to just show what I'm tinkering with at the moment. So far I'm working on creating another "toy" weapon set, can't show much just yet, Prepping the meshes and textures. I also run into game breaking stuff and I recently got the full Hook5 suite to play around with. Which made start and tweak the old Outdoor area to a magma filled


Quarz in Hot lava stuff!

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