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For Your Consideration - Navels!



Hello, Teddy Bears ☺️


There is something that I have noticed recently when creating models. A detail that makes a huge difference in my eyes and I'm not sure why I didn't notice it before... 😑 I wish I had seen it before my Model Giveaway late last year, all 22 models would have had this change already applied. I don't want to create confusion right now by suddenly updating twenty-two of my files with a relatively minor change (I have to oppose my OCD urges, for my own good...), so I figured it would be best to explain this thing here and leave it to users of my models to decide if it's worth implementing or not 🙂 But even if you don't use my models, this knowledge might come in handy. The thing to change is the navel!


In Customizer, in the FaceMaker tab (the first one, not the Advanced FaceMaker tab) there are two sliders at the very bottom: Capelli01 and Cindy01Capelli01 is used to reshape the navel (scaling it on the vertical axis, I think), but that's not all. Whether accidentally or by design, this morph also catches the vertices of the lower chest and breast, and also the lower jaw, effectively opening the mouth permanently. The Cindy01 slider only moves the lower jaw, so it can be used to counter the open mouth effect of Capelli01, if desired.

So, what have I done with these sliders in my models? Well, in a few cases, nothing at all, and it's up to you whether you want to modify it further, but most of my models have Capelli01 maxed to the right and Cindy01 pulled back to the left to correct the open mouth. I reasoned that I liked a stretched and narrow navel. While this thing is a matter of taste and could still be defended, the subsequent breast modification is more than ugly to me 🤔 They become flattened at the bottom and lose their nice shape.


My recommendation is to completely reverse the Capelli01 slider position and then move the Cindy01 silder to close the mouth of the model 🙂 This makes the navel smaller, of course, but it still looks natural - perhaps more natural than before this modification. Certainly, however, this change is good for the breasts, making them rounder again and more delicious ☺️


Oh, of course I have pictures of that 😄 But I recommend you see it for yourself in your game. This particular model is not one of the twenty-two I shared during my 1st Birthday Model Giveaway (I thought this would make this blog entry more interesting...), but it's not important. Also, ignore Hairworks clipping, it has nothing to do with the subject of this post 😛 


So, here are the old settings that I don't recommend. The navel is stretched, but pay attention to the unpleasant triangular indentation in the lower-middle part of the breasts:


Consider This #01.jpg


And here are the new settings that I'm currently recommending. The navel is smaller, but the breasts are nicely rounded again:


Consider This #02.jpg


I also prepared a "before and after" comparison with a cool slider. The left side is the old settings, the right side is the new settings: click!


There is also a third option, which is to restore the sliders to their default positions (just double-click their labels in the Customizer). This is a compromise between the two options above and is just a regular setting of any body in game. It looks like this:


Consider This #03.jpg


So, armed with this knowledge, you can now do whatever you want, both with copies of my models and with any other models you may have 🙂 It all depends on your taste. Remember that there is no wrong or right way to make models... Unless you're trying to make an underage model, of course. That is wrong 😵


Take care! ☺️

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Wow... nice catch!

About the "unpleasant triangular indentation in the lower-middle part of the breasts", you get it also by dragging "Breast Level" down in Customizer. This is why I adore XBody's breast level control (unaffected by the problem).

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  • Administrator
7 hours ago, HDiddy said:

I didn't even know this is a thing.  Nice find!!!!


1 hour ago, onevision said:

Wow... nice catch!

About the "unpleasant triangular indentation in the lower-middle part of the breasts", you get it also by dragging "Breast Level" down in Customizer. This is why I adore XBody's breast level control (unaffected by the problem).


I'm glad you think this is good general advice, I wrote it mainly as a guide to fix what I messed up in my own models 🤭

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