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Is there Limitation maximum number on poses or Sequences that game can handle.


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Hello everyone, i am pretty much newbie when it comes to tk 17 game. I think i first tried it out hmm 2018 (3 d sexvilla 2  game thrixx site) i noticed it here last week i think :). So i dowloaded it and have now played about 3 days.I have downloaded pose megapacks 1-84 and 240 + poses addition to it. i havent installed them all of course ...mainly from 1-22 and some from 23-53 which seemed interesting to me. Mainly fm and ffm poses nothing too kinky or hardcoreor futa stuff.(definatelly no guro etc)  Futa female on female vids are erotic in my opinion and i have looked couple of them from shotz and other 3d vid makers.  

Now i am wondering is there some kind of maximum limitation as number of poses you can have installed in one time. Interactive and animated sexposes and sequences mainly. I have noticed that sometimes when i instal something from posepacks game doesnt run anymore. So either there is something that conflicts or maybe in one folder you can have fixed number of poses at one time installed and no 2 same poses at one time excample poseedit 2038 same footjob interactive sexpose twice XD.  This is just my presumption and cant say anything sure since i am newbie after all with this game 🙂 

Some poses either dont run or clips a bit, but i presume that they are meant to work with certain locations or dont nesessary run properly for everyone. I use windows 10 and have vx version of tk 17 so that might be one reason. What i have understand that there are 7.5 version of poses that might not work properly with vx or needed to manually custom with poseeditor which i still learning to use with tutorials XD. 

There is so many amazingly made sexposes and sequences which are really well made 🙂  after i have learned to use sequencer (which by the way i have no clue how to use or how it works) i want to make my own short vid here 🙂i actually have an idea already about lovely amazoness succubus who visit mc every day. 🙂 hehe My favorite female type is dominant and loving one who knows what she likes 😉 

So if anyone have idea i really appriciate the hints and suggestions what i need to know about sequences and poses + are there limitiations in max number you can have installed in one time. 

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Hi, you can have a lot of poses without problems: I reckons a post from OysterMug who had mentioned a method to go beyond PoseEdit9999 in the Community\PoseEdit 

directory and I think it's the same kind of limit in your Save directory in where you store the pose you modify or create. So you can safely consider that you can  import

9999 poses in your Community directory and 9999 others (modifications or creations) in your Save directory. Maybe more with the OysterMugs method. But there is an

important thing to know: by default v10 try to every v7.5 you put in your Community\PoseEdit in a proper v10 poses, and it do it when you launch the game, if you import

1 or 2 poses it is fast, but sometime it crash the game. And if you import a pack of 100 poses or more it can be very long (and have chance to crash). To know if that convertion

is enabled look in your Community\PoseEdit if you have files named that way: ~PoseEdit0010.pes.bak, if it's the case, these poses had been converted.


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If you want to import v7.5 poses I advise you to disable the poses convertion (in TK17 Options Manager) or or just select a few and import them with the convertion and test

if it work and if poses are not bugged. 

For sequences I think you also have to Sequence - 0001 to Sequence - 9999 in the Community directory. For the Save directory, every sequence create had a file named like

this: Room42Sequence01.sq, so I'm not sure but I think you can have 99 sequences for each rooms.

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Thank you 🙂 i i was bit worried since i had quite a lot dual poses which some was bit off or didnt start. I am starting to add whew poses at time manually and test if them work from now on 🙂 . I did 2 interactive my own after a couple tries. They seem to work as i tried to make them 🙂 

99 sequence for each room should be enough then for the small video i have planned thanks for advices vizir 🙂 

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The sequence is limited as said, poses yes and no, mostly no limited.


Poses are limited in your /Save folder to 9999, in this folder you're forced to name them PoseEdit0000-9999. Any poses beyond that are still saved and work in theory, but they don't show up anymore, they still exist and still work, you just need to put them somewhere else (don't need to rename, but I would still rename them, I'll explain why next)


BTW for the most part DO NOT put poses in your Community/PoseEdit, VX is not 7,5, it uses that folder differently, besides the poses won't appear in game in many cases.

I'll just make sure, I've seen people who still don't get it, most of your poses need to go into Klub17/Poses. You only use the Save folder if you're changing the poses or you're making new poses.

Just in case you don't know, I'll explain how this folder works;

Poses in your Poses folder will automatically be converted and put into a sub folder using the current date. If they're VX poses already, they'll just be put into a sub folder. It's actually better and smart to just make the sub folder in advance, that way you can name it whatever you want (try not to use super long naming, for some reason, the game doesn't recognise some of the long names. Try to keep it short)

You can use the PoseEdit0000-9999 naming, but I would advise against it.

I have no idea why, I just know the result, but for some reason, the programming messed up the naming & order of appearance.

Basically for some strange reason the pose named PoseEdit1000 will appear in game just after the pose  PoseEdit0199. You would think that the pose PoseEdit0200 would come after, but no, it won't.  For some strange reason, it follow the very first number and uses that rather than using the entire number.


How do you solve this problem, how do you get around this? Just rename them. It's troublesome, but it has to be done. I still use PoseEdit10000 but start from 10000 and go up. This works as it should. I get the feeling that 4 digit numbers follow a flawed order logic and 5 digit & up work as supposed to. If you don't do this, you might be surprised by the order inwhich your poses appear in game. (I found out the hard way)


The number of poses in your Poses folder is pretty much unlimited, as long as you name them differently from the PoseEdit0000-9999 method. There's one drawback that is somewhat relevant. VX poses are bigger than 7,5 poses and they add more loading time and make the game folder considerably bigger.  You don't notice the loading time "playing" the normal game, but you do notice it in case you want to do some Pose Editing (I suggest you move most of your poses to somewhere else, move them back when you're done, this makes the loading & saving of poses faster)


I'll mention one last thing just in case: You can only save & directly modify poses in you Save folder, poses in your Poses get automatically saved in your Save folder, you cannot save poses in the Poses folder (need to add them in afterwards)

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Thank you drahzar 🙂 i think that i now know why sometimes after adding 5 more poses in one of the 9 folders i named made game screen show long time and then crash on the desktop. 

I didnt rename poses they were poseedit 0-9999 in those folders XD and probably should have installed somewhere back up folders first and then moved to poses. hmm i also probably should sub folder all those foot, boobie,submissive, dominant, femdom stuff. Until now i kinda smashed them together in some kind of combination XD.

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