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Update from 09.11.2016


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New update was sent.
- Added opportunity use including for separate files
- Hook objects textures now also will autoreload after changes
- Parameters multipliers for testing PBR materials
- Removed red logo
- Optimized texture creation for hook objects
- Reoved previous solution for cum rendering, because it produce bug

Using includes.
This is experimental funtion, need test it. Now you can create a section in level_definition file - [include] and provide file name, which will be included in level_definition, for example:

_hook5data\phys_bounds\photostudio_phys_bounds.txt = true
photostudio_extra_light = false
photostudio_extra_models = true

Value "true" mean that this file will be included, value "false" mean that this file will be ignored. You can provide just file name, if extra file placed in the same folder as level_definition, or you can provide file path relative to ActiveMod if file placed outside folder with level_definition. Included files also support autoreloading. One thing that very bother me - even if you change one parameter on some section all level_definition and included files will be reloaded, this is wrong, it create additional work for all cpu,gpu, ram and gpu memory, but for now I have not good idea what system should be to help avoid this situation, moreover, it should be writed with keeping in mind manipulators which will dynamically save postion, rotation and in this case, autoreloading can became a real pain, so later I need find better solution for hook objects using.

Texture reloading
In begining hook objects use own texture manager for texture loading, for now I combined it with base texture manager and enable the same algorithm for texture reloading, it allow me reduce amount of code and optimize some process.

Parameter multipliers.
This for hfg2 request create some ability to test PBR materials in game. I added several parameters for hook_objects section:

type = static
style = object
file = _hook5data\objects\sphere_object\sphere.h5m
position = -1, 0.6, 1, 0
rotation = 0, 1, 0, 0
scale   = 0.6, 0.6, 0.6, 1
cast_shadow = true
color_multiplier = 60, 60, 60, 255
metallness_multiplier = 0.0
glosiness_multiplier = 0.99
glow_multiplier = 0.0

This parameters allow me change base PBR values without texture resaving, how it works - I created pure white textures for diffuse and specular maps, but PBR shader was changed and now it premultiply texture value with corresponding parameter multiplier, so final value, for metallness for example, will be texture_value * metallness_multiplier, we have in specular texture metallness equal 1.0 and metallness_multiplier equal 0.0, so final metallness will be 0.0.

You can change this multiplier in range 0...1, and color_multiplier in Photoshop range and preview results in game, this will allow you to select desired value when you will create PBR textures for hook5. On picture below you can see different result occured with different parameters multipliers. One note I advise use multipliers only for testing, all multipliers for usual hook_objects should be set to 1.0 and color_multiplier to 255,255,255,255.


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