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Welcome to Klub Exile. If you happened to make your way to the site either from Lovers Lab or a Search on Google, we are glad you found us.  To unlock the entire site you will need to have a account registered.  Don't worry it is free but in the mean time you can read up on why we made the site and other little tidbits.  Feel free to join or Discord Server also if you have any more questions.  Thanks for stopping by and See You on the other side.

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Update from 18.10.2017


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New update was sent:
- new omnilight system
- new shadow chunks system
- corrected several errors in PhysX hair shading
- added "cubesource_scale" and "cubesource_curve" parameters to "environment" section - allow adjust external cubemap lighting
- added "glow_scale" and "saturation_scale" parameters to "environment" section - allow adjust glowing and saturation for particular level

new omnilight system
Redeveloped omni light system, now omni are not a six spots, but one light object with own render algorithm, it allowed me remove all omni light bugs, although it still use six shadow targets.

new shadows targets distribution system
I redesigned this part of code and now it not depends from type of light which will use shadow target, this allowed me optimize some operations and should help with MultiThreading Rendering, because every shadow chunks now can be rendered independent from light source type and can be distributed to any thread.

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