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Update from 17.05.2019 - Camera


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New update was sent (several members will recieve update tomorrow - gmail blocked me on 24h)
- Camera object (experimental)
- LUT post-effect
- fixed Diffuse Only for lights

New hook object, can be created from level gui. This is experimental implementation, not sure that I did all correct. It work in the same way as mirrors - you need create camera object in scene and then bind some game surface(texture) with camera object, like we do with mirrors. Section properties:

   type = camera
   enable = true
   position = 0.000000, 0.956561, 0.532245
   rotation = 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000
   uv_offset = 0.000000, 0.000000
   uv_scale = 1.000000, 1.000000

Camera perform scene rendering on the same render target as normal rendering and final appearance depends from object that will receive image and his texture uv layout. uv_offset and uv_scale allow to adjust how camera result will be applied to game surface/texture. To bind with some texture you need use "rendering_source" and "rendering_source_visibility" in pass file like this:
   rendering_source = camera01
   rendering_source_visibility = 0.95

IMPORTANT!!! - - "mirror_source" for mirrors binding was changed to "rendering_source", "mirror_visibility" was changed to "rendering_source_visibility", to be identiacal for both objects mirrors and cameras.

Added lut algorithm to post effects (see section LUT in hook settings window), the same algorithm as in ReShade/SwithFX, lut allow adjust image gamma,tone and contrast with using lut texture. To use it you need place lut texture in binaries (sorry, in hook_data11 folder), it should be called "lut.png", also you should correctly set LutTilesSize parameter (lut textures that I saw in general 16 or 32) and LutTilesAmount - if this parameters will not correspond to LUT texture then you will get image glitches. Also you need to setup chroma amount and lua amount for this effect.

Overlay option moved to own scroll.

StripClub + camera: R_Stripclub - VenRan+camera.zip

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