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Update from 09.07.2020


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 I'm going to send new update. I set delay between each sending to try avoid gmail blocking (no more than 300 per hour) - but have now clue will it help or not.

   According to previous post I tried reduce game starting time. In last days no matter what I tried, no matter what I did I could not pass trough 29~30 sec for shader compilation. I reviewed all shaders that I wrote since begining of hook5 development, almost all effects/post effects was separated from each other and reorganized, now main pack contain only object rendering, lighting and shadow calculations, but as I said I cant reduce compilation for main pack without serious changes in hook code - I'm not ready for this right now, I even have no idea for this right now, maybe someday in future.
   Also I tried optimize every shader that was moved to another dll and fixed several errors - so you can notice some performance gain.

   There is some changes in archive, so be sure that you will overwrite all hook files when will place it in binaries. I added function to settings menu that will allow you load settings, so you can rename your "main11.fx" to "anything.fx", place new one and then load your settings from your "anything.fx" - I know I had to do this long time ago  http://modsgarden.cc/Smileys/clabicons/nah.gif.
   I do this update because significant changes in shaders and effects rendering sequence was made - I did not faced with some bugs, but maybe you will find such, so will wait your reports.

EDIT (next day):
1. Trick with gmail did not worked - I again was blocked on 24 hours
2. For those who had "black" screen variations or crash with iDelayedInitialization = 0 -> try install files again and be sure that you OVERWRITED ALL FILES, NOT ONLY d3d8.dll
3. For those who had light shadows problem - try disable iUseSeparateShadows
4. For those who had crash with iDelayedInitialization = 1 send me mainfx_errors.txt
5. Hook selectors already fixed
6. @Kraegar - show me comparsion for refractions - I not sure I understood problem.

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