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About this blog

Welcome everyone! I want to attempt being a more active member of the KE community, so I decided to start off a blog here. Not really an end goal here, just something to keept track of my learning and work with TK17. Hope you like what you see here!

Entries in this blog

Dani and The Road to CNC Baby

It's funny how things work out. About six to seven months ago, I had this idea in my head to tell a story about a girl with an extreme fetish: Consensual Non-Consensual sex. If you're not familiar with that concept, it's basically a Rape/Free Use fantasy. Where a woman decides to reduce herself as nothing more than a sex toy for her partner, getting off to being roughed up and sexually assaulted as the male sees fit. Controversial, isn't it? Especially in today's PC/woke/post #MeToo culture. And

Preview: Street Fighter 6 Cammy!

UPDATE 1: Here's what you'll need to recreate the outfit. All links below in-text. Save Files for this version of the model included at the end of the document. - High Waist Yoga Pants by @HDiddy and hdiddypant7 yoga k10 latex Texture by @Kraegar (also check HDiddypant7 variations H5 from @vi363R for help with transparency issues) - R9Blouse065 "Small Things Top" (Available in the dimisd Add-on Outfits Pack) + SmallThingsTop#7 (Texture included in the Save files below since I don't know w

From The Vault: Trapp Draws Emi!

This is TK17 unrelated, but I wanted to show you some drawings I made of Emi during my TK17 hiatus. The ones with the pink school uniform were part of a series I called "Waifu Hookup", which had several Anime waifus being heavily lewded. The outfit borrows inspiration from this Jeanne D'Arc swimsuit from the Fate series. Enjoy!


Trapp in Drawing Vault

Trapp's Angels: Emi Akatsuki (Part 2 of 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of this Trapp's Angels profile featuring Emi Akatsuki. In case you missed it, here's Part 1 for you to read, in which I talk about Emi's creation and story. Now, we move along to know more about my lovely shortstack! This might be one of my favorite pics of Emi-chan. Even when being lewd, she looks adorable! 3. Personality and Relationships Despite having been born a half-demon, Emi was always very well behaved as a kid. She learned things like politeness and m

Trapp's Angels: Emi Akatsuki (Part 1 of 2)

I've been so out of the loop lately. I have many things going on right now, like moving out of my old place, having to move in to a new place for a few months and things are chaotic in my life right now. However, that hasn't stopped me from working on galleries whenever I can. And honestly, these ones are coming along way better than I could have hoped for, but some of them really require me to go back to the drawing board to add more stuff. Then again, when it comes to my girls, I don't know th

Trapp's Comic Archive

For anyone that reads this post, here. I will leave my entire comic archive so you can access everything through one link instead of searching all over the place for my galleries. I find this to be slightly more useful since countless pics are being uploaded to the forum by the day and I want to have more members read my stories. Hopefully my goal will be achieved These are arranged by date of posting from oldest to newest and I'll be adding more comics as they are released. Thanks for taki


Trapp in Comic Archive

A Taste Of Things To Cum

Hey y'all! It's been God knows how long since my last proper blog that wasn't a Trapp's Angels profile, but as I sit her trying to write, I don't really have much to say at the moment... The site is back to normal, which is great news, but it has also served as sort of a double-edged sword for me because of what I call CDS, or "Compulsive Download Syndrome". It's great that we can all have access to downloads again, but I gotta be more measured and think if whatever I downloaded is really necess

Trapp's Angels: Nina Sotelo

It's been way too long since I've made one of these, and since I'm creating a few galleries for her already, let's get things out of the way and introduce the next Trapp's Angel. If you've heard about the "Come To Brazil" meme, then this should be of your liking, because Brazil is coming to you... Or cumming on you! This is the Cariocan beauty of the Gravure Love team. The beautiful Nina Sotelo! Nina looks so badass here! See why I love body suits so much? 🤤 1. Origins and Creation A

WIP and The Plight of a Creator

I don't know if it's a lack of motivation or time, but I've been feeling quite anxious lately. I currently have five, yes, FIVE whole comic projects that I just can't seem to finish. I'm not sure if it's happened to you, but it feels like there's not enough time in the day to do anything. I'm grateful that I finally have a steady flow of income from my current job, but I'm terrible at organizing myself. Therefore, I work on these in places I really shouldn't lol! It's the most awkward thing, but

Preparing for the Chinese New Year... (Also, LTN works now!)

This blog isn't something super detailed, but I'm getting ready for the Year of the Rabbit. Chinese New Year, as tradition goes, is based on an animal for each subsequent year. Last year was Year of the Tiger, 2021 was Year of the Ox, and 2023 will be the Rabbit. And so:  However, this being a sex game: WHY ISN'T THIS OUTFIT AVAILABLE??? This is the closest I could get to, but it obviously does not capture the perfectly lewd nature of the Reverse Bunny Suit, as in Z

A Tale of Two Katies

Merry Christmas to all! I hope you're enjoying yourselves today. I'll just drop this one super quick. I have a girl named Katie McKinnon, who starred on Sex Tales 2 over two years ago, and decided she needs a bit of a re-working. So, to compare, here are two versions of the model with two completely different face mods. Which one is the cutest to you? Body is exactly the same for both models, the only difference is in the head mod and face. Sound off in the comments!

A Fun Game to end the Year

So. I've been stumbling upon this "Sad Cat Dance" trend on Instagram, in which several Anime waifus have been portrayed. And I decided I want to take a stab at making MY waifus make it in a fully animated video! The trend in question is as shown in this video (but the third frame implies NTR, when it actually is an extreme form of bowing down) VID_20221208_062442_650.mp4 In addition to that, I want to make a SECOND trend, with this video as basis for it. VID_20221208_104907_342.mp4


Trapp in Contest Time!

Where I've Been

I've abandoned this blog for the longest time now. I should get back to the habit of writing here whenever time allows. Granted, I shouldn't be doing this during work hours, but inspiration calls whenever it wants. First off, how have you guys been doing with the Klub not running in full? It's kinda weird to me. I miss downloading stuff, but then again, I'm happy to see people still uploading amazing pictures and just, being active in general. Which brings me to the subject of this blog. I


Trapp in Random Thoughts

Upcoming Stuff and a Music Recommendation

It's been a while since I've done a proper blog where I'm spitting my brains out. I tried doing one yesterday, but YouTube caught me in its net and I went from watching Dross Rotzank videos to true crime videos, of which I highly recommend the channels dreading (written as shown) and Savox, with the former being one of the most detailed, yet humane channels in the sense that it treats the victims with respect. But I digress. So, comics are going well... In my head. I'm preparing several sto


Trapp in Random Thoughts

My current experience with Hook5 - Part 1

Okay, so I *finally* decided to bite the bullet and got Hook5 Paid installed on a laptop I'm loaning for work. This looks miles away better than any of my previous works despite not being a proper modern laptop for gaming. I was advised about how to work on things with it, so here's a quick remake gallery from an upcoming comic called "CNC Baby", which I have previously talked about on this blog. So far, I'm truly liking the results and it's only a matter of time before I can polish things and m


Trapp in Updates and Announcements

Happenings and Shit...

It feels like forever since I last made an entry here on the blog. Between work, trying to put out comics and come up with ideas and my game crashing and burning every time I try to put out content, it honestly feels like a chore to think about all these things. In any case, here's a few happenings with my latest TK17 experience as of recently. 1. My game has been crashing on the PoseEdit section the second I try to load a pose. The issue generates from a texture not being able to be loaded


Trapp in Updates and Announcements

Model Showcase: NBP v.0.29 - First Impressions

Going to make this entry super quick because busy afternoon in preparation for the work week. I just stumbled across some blog entries by @Driver showcasing a brand new body type compatible with XBody 1.8.2 and needless to say I had to try it out. You can read the original entry here and get the addon to test for yourself here. Comparisons between this addon, the Default Body and the Female Body V2 can be seen here. Now, onto the review of the NBP version 0.29 Body Mod. For this experi


Trapp in Addon Review

Photoshop Tutorial 1: Getting Dat Vibe

Hey everyone! I'm at work right now, so I'll try and make this one super quick. I'm not sure how many entries I will do on this. I guess it depends on what you folks ask for if there's any interest. DISCLAIMER: This is meant to be a very basic guide written by a mentally challenged person. This is not: 1. An extensive tutorial on how to use Photoshop. 2. A step-by-step all-in-one solution to picture issues. 3. The formula to get your girlfriend back 😢 As I stated, this is a ba


Trapp in Tutorials

Photoshop Tutorial 2: Introducing SMUUUUUUUUDGE!!

This will be another short entry for my TK17 Screenshot dedicated Photoshop Tutorial. You can read Part 1 by clicking right here! Once again, a disclaimer is in order, so, on with it! DISCLAIMER: This is meant to be a very basic guide written by a mentally challenged person. This is not: 1. An extensive tutorial on how to use Photoshop. 2. A step-by-step all-in-one solution to picture issues. 3. A guide to hack the son of a bitch on Instagram who claimed to donating you 0.15 BTC on


Trapp in Tutorials

More Models and Comic Progress

I believe these blog entries are about to become slightly more spaced in terms of time now due to my new job (yay!), but for now I wanted to tell you about a few happenings regarding comic creation and a few new models I'm working with. Also, let this entry be witness to me having actual progress with archiving my models for exclusive posting here on KE, so if you're interested in any of my girls, requirements won't be many other than XBody and XLashes for them, as well as some specific addons f

About the New Comic

Another sleepless night, another lengthy blog entry. These past few days have been... eventful to say the least, but the progress on the newest comic has slowed down quite a bit due to extra work I need to get through to increase the quality of my images and it's been a pain in the ass. This blog is to explain my process behind the production of the comics, its limitations and all that shizzle. So, let's begin. First and foremost, I use Hook4 as a graphic enhancer for my stuff. Why? As I pr

Trapp's Angels: The Ecchi Squad

Welcome once again, everyone, to a special edition of Trapp's Angels. As I stated in the previous of these posts, I'll be taking a deep dive into the origins, creation and story of my girls. This post, however, will be slightly different. I'm going to be talking about FOUR of my girls, who starred (at least three of them) in my comic "Ecchi Squad". For all intents and purposes, that comic is no longer considered part of the TrappVerse canon. The information portrayed in this document takes no in


Trapp in Trapp's Angels

Trapp's Angels: Erina Serebrova

Hey everyone! I have something very special for today's blog. After I posted my Tinder spoof galleries (check them out if you haven't yet), I got some inspiration from fellow countryman @SovietTiger and decided I would be making special blog entries dedicated to each and every one of my girls. In these, I'm going to be talking about the origin, creation and story of the girls gracing my comic work. In this inaugural entry, I'm going to talk about the girl that started it all: Erina Serebrova.


Trapp in Trapp's Angels

Model Showcase: Daniela Olivares

Good morning everyone! Today I bring you a new model with a brand new gallery. This is Daniela Olivares, she's 21 going on 22 and she's the star of an upcoming series called "CNC Baby". The basic premise of this new comic series is as follows: A man is approached by a girl who has a Tumblr blog in which she talks about her CNC (consensual non-consensual for those curious) fetish and, after some shenanigans ensue, she finally starts living out her fantasies. Unlike the rest of my comics, I

Three Comics in a Day!!

Welcome, everyone! Today I have not one. Not two, but THREE WHOLE COMICS just posted for your reading pleasure (hopefully).   The first one, Purple Room Casting, is one of my original series with all original models (and a few special guests, like Issues 1 and 2 are meant to be) and the idea is, Marco Torres (protagonist of Sex Tales 5) started a porn media company called Black Trapper Media and he designated Harleen The Assguardian as the host of live castings made available to subs


Trapp in Comic Book

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