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Welcome to Klub Exile. If you happened to make your way to the site either from Lovers Lab or a Search on Google, we are glad you found us.  To unlock the entire site you will need to have a account registered.  Don't worry it is free but in the mean time you can read up on why we made the site and other little tidbits.  Feel free to join or Discord Server also if you have any more questions.  Thanks for stopping by and See You on the other side.

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All the random stuff I'm cooking

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Redux Time

So after about a year of modding sometimes I go back to the stuff I first started with and I am like....hmmmmm this could be better.  That said will be redoing and re-releasing some earlier addons from the lest call it rougher era...LOL.  First on my list is Kris Kross  


HDiddy in The Workbench

Find Me in Da Klub

WELCOME TO THE CLUB   So this is a room I have been working on for a while adding and removing various things.  It is only now getting completed with some timely advice from @x17 telling me what a damn N-Gon is.  Like seriously room went from scrap to back on the workbench.  Anyway Still testing but Club will include A Large Dance Floor (I shamelessly stole @Kraegar's texture from the Korparate Room) LOL First Floor Bar and Seating Area Stage with Pole...for an


HDiddy in The Workbench

What's on the Bench: It's All About the Shoes

What's on the Bench: It's All About the Shoes   Still playing around with feet.  Yea basic footwear is a must so new flip flops on the way, something a little better than before.   Also playing around with Sims 4 Assets, as I have a ton of content from that game like 80GB worth...well first forray into this seems to be coming together nicely. Yep Yeezy Boost, and that is with no Hook treatment.  Now the thing about these Sims Assets is that they are pretty much low


HDiddy in The Workbench

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