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Project Default



Working on updating some of the default base game clothes.  Some stuff is pretty decent just really really low poly and jagged.  Working on smoothing some things out and bringing it into the 21st century.  If anyone has any favorites leave a comment.


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Yes sir! 

I've got a list! Sir!

- Helmet: Military, football, firefighter and officer helmets could use an update.

- Hat: Cowgirl, cowboy, stewardess, pilot and police uniform.

- Top y: Apron.

- Top z: Gym top.

- Blouse: Police uniform top, jail top, library top.

- Coat: Coat, stewardess coat.

- Dress: Nurse overall, halter dress, wedding dress, nun dress, casual dress, knitted dress.

- Skirt: stewardess skirt, police uniform skirt, psychologist skirt.

- Shorts: Cowgirl hotpants, outdoor pants.

- Pants: Pants f, pants, firefighter pants, officer leather pants, pilot pants, jail pants, psychologist pants, oriental pants.

- Body stockings... Well, body stockings.

- Boots: Black knee high boots, officer boots, cowgirl boots, cowboy boots, leather boots, psychologist boots, knitted boots.


Soooooo would I like have everything redone?? YES!

And although I know it is not possible... Asking is still free. 😁


Pants. We have no decent "dress" pants. 

Full outfits like the police officer (female), stewardess and jail (female) could add base for modders, as it did back in the day of the evil Omni Consumer Products (OCP) we don't talk about.

That is all, Your Honor.

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Don´t know if you are doing fixes for both genders but the male doctor coat could need a graphical upgrade for sure. And the gym top for women could be really sexy if fixed.

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For Females

Bra: Casual Top

Top Z: Gym Top

Blouse: Police Top, Shirt 2

Coat: Stewardess Coat

Dress: Nun Dress


Those are the ones I want to see updated the most.

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The Racer Girl outfit is super hot and deserves a comeback! Also, we don't get enough love for the guys, so maybe some shirts and jackets?

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Nice to read this! thank you in advance! old clothes were nice on those old days and im happy to see you are thinking about bring them back!

I dont have any in mind for now but I always thinked that it would be great to have some more "Specific" clothes as for example Firemen or Police outfits for girls at least, not too much of those are seen on this days!

Big thank you in advance for your work and for always doing something for the community, best of luck with all your works and take care of yourself Hdiddy! 


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Medieval Boots and Pirate Boots - there are tons of retextures for these. They deserve an HD (iddy) work!

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