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Sleep Away Camp



Sleep Away Camp

This will be a summer camp in the forest.

It will have a pond, cabins for the boys and girls. because well.... you know.

its up to your models to sneak out and meet the boys in secret without the counselers knowing. Good luck 🙂


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Here is a bit of whats in my head creating this room.

First off its all about keeping the frames up. There are some nice assets here but there heavy.

The plan is to use the same objects multiple times. Because every time you load the same object it will have less load on fps.

Im gonna set up 1 cabin complete with all atributes needed and put that in a .txt file. This way i can clone the file and add another cabin. I only have to change the names of the objects to something else. This will also give the option to turn a cabin off in the manager.

I have made the cabin numbers a separate object so i can change that for every cabin and make them unique again.

Also added a tower. This will be my center position and will lower the other poses on the map so we can have a better top view. (hope this works)

Last im gonna add some poles around the pond for some more glow objects. this will make the scene brighter and will look much better.

I have made the door and windows single objects so they can all be opened and closed. I think it needs to as we want them to sneak out 🙂

Here are some update pictures.

The Klub 17-0023.png


The Klub 17-0021.png

The Klub 17-0020.png

The Klub 17-0019.png


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Lets do a game.

Quess the framerate of this scene.

The Klub 17-0039.png

There is also a watchtower in the scene but its out of shot.

Every Cabin has 4 of these

The Klub 17-0032.png


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Well, there was an actual slasher movie titled The Sleepaway Camp ☺️ It's very eighties and of course it has cult status today. It had this very memorable ending in which... wait, I'll put it in the spoiler, don't click if you want to find out for yourself 🙂


The killer turned out to be the most innocent and lovable girl from the entire camp. This, of course, wasn't that surprising - what was surprising was the fact, that she was actually a boy as shown at the very end, with the dick visible on screen and everything 🙈

I would say that this is a great fit for our forum, but be aware that she was underage so don't try to recreate this scene 😛


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I myself like horror and slashers a lot, and it was the first thing i thought off also. 

You all can make it as bloody as you like for all i care 🙂

Do i need to add Chainsaws and knifes and hatcheds? the Jason mask is already here i think.

This one is coming soon. Just a few trees to go.

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