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Welcome to Klub Exile. If you happened to make your way to the site either from Lovers Lab or a Search on Google, we are glad you found us.  To unlock the entire site you will need to have a account registered.  Don't worry it is free but in the mean time you can read up on why we made the site and other little tidbits.  Feel free to join or Discord Server also if you have any more questions.  Thanks for stopping by and See You on the other side.

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About this blog

This Blog will contain the progress of what i am working on and where i am progress wise.

This will give you the change to give feedback before the room is uploaded.

Also have some projects i would like some help on. Like the City Courtyard.

This addon will have 4 rooms to fill and i would like 4 different people do a single room so they are all different.

Entries in this blog

Done with modding

Hi all. I want to thank all of you for a good time, but its time for me to do something else. I dont realy enjoy modding anymore and im gonna go back to sim racing. I might drop in from time to time to check messages but that will be it. Thank you all for the good times.


Sexvision in news

Sex Shop Pussy Delight

Here is something im working on at the moment. There where a few request made for a sexshop so i made a complete store from a storefront. This shop will have items ported out of our game. So this store will sell stuff thats actualy in the game. Porting stuff out and filling the store takes a lot of work. Therefor the progress on this is slow.   Here is whats done already. DVD racks are done. Dildo racks are mostly done. Man that took some work.

Im not gone but taking a brake for a bit.

He all. As you may have seen im not realy active at the moment. I just got myself a puppy Beagle that is taking up a lot of my time at the moment. He is 10 weeks old and still needs to learn a lot. His name is Loki. Im gonna take a break for a bit so i can train him to be a great companion. I will be back after that and spoil you all again 🙂  


Sexvision in news

Fancy House

Fancy house will be a house with 3 bedrooms. there will be a pool, a garden and a nice open livingroom and kitchen. I have started with a scetchfab room but decided to make my own as the house was to small. Here is the start i have made. I have tried to make it big so there will be a lot of room to navigate. Also placed a lot of windows so there can be a outside view.


Sexvision in VX addon Hook 5 room

Madie's Request

Started working on a request i got from @Madie  The request is: Could you make me a double apartment with a balcony separated by a wall. Here is the progress for that. I found the apartment object that Madie uploaded as a room that had some texture problems. So that will be the base. I started out making the empty room and named the textures propperly so it will be easy to texture mod. Now im slowly building up the interior to make two different apartments side by side.

Club House

Club House I have been playing around with VXGI settings and made this room to have a ambiant oclussion build in the obj file. This seems to make it work like it should. Now i can use some real dark textures without it backing out. Here is a preview pic with VXGI working. Everything is build up from emission. The reflections are now vissable on the skin to. Room is not finished yet. This is still a testfile but it all seems to work as intended.   This will

Porn Villa

Porn Villa This will be a room where i dont look at fps (kinda) but make the most beautiful Porn villa i can. It will have 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, large deck for lounging, swimmingpool, outside tub, bathrooms, living area, yoga corner, beach porn set, outside bed, casting couch office and lounge seats. It will be a tropical scene. Here are some beautyshots.

Porky's Gym

Porky's Gym This will be a remake of the gym out of the movie Porky's It will have the washroom upstairs and the pipe that can rotate to create the peeping holes for the girls showers. Better go make the bertha model 🙂 Building the showers. Gym is ready and leveldef is set  There are plenty spaces to have some fun The washroom will be here All doors can open. backstage, there will be a speakers prop This wil

Conquestus nr 83

Conquestus nr 83 This room still needs a lot of work. There is a stairs leading to nowhere. I would like to add a Bedroom to that. This one will take a bit to finish but has potential. There is some culling issues with glass i need to fix for this one. I do have a idear on how to do it.  

VX Room Red Dock

Red Dock will be a space red light district with four rooms where you can do some window shopping. Its a long hallway with 2 rooms on every side. The rooms will be the same for all 4. If the room is in use there will be a privacy glass. Its still a bit transparant but you wont see details  

Angel City

I found a bashkit to create a angels town or heaven. This will be a object dump as all textures need to be reset in blender (UVs are there). The sheer amount of work is not for me, way to much work. But maybe someone else wants to work on it. As i did not know where to put these objects i made this blog. download link here: https://mega.nz/file/dq4DlRgL#nR5l2laglnNb_f75Ud251nRdNF3_vxb0-mgIdElJ2iI  1.9gb of it. credits to this man:  [GBB] Elysium (Modular Angel City)


Sexvision in objects

Sexvisions Dreamhouse

Duck Relaxer gave me a good base to build my dream house. It will have its inspiration on a greenhouse. Its intended to keep the heat in the darker part of the house. The fans will distribute the heat through the house. Its all open with glass. You need to be a bit of a open spirit to live here. This room is not going to be light. There will be some optimalizations but it will still be a showcase of what i can do. Outside view Livingroom Bedroom

RunDown House

Rundown House. It will be some sort of methlab / junk hangout. its a 2 room house with a open kitchen and a dark bedroom with a camera setup. You can watch the action in the bedroom on the livingroom TV. There is also a rotating ceilingfan to make it less static. The kitchen will be used as a meth cook location with some old pannes and some chemicals. Better wear your gasmask here.


Sexvision in VX addon Hook 5 room

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