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Sexvisions Dreamhouse



Duck Relaxer gave me a good base to build my dream house.

It will have its inspiration on a greenhouse. Its intended to keep the heat in the darker part of the house.

The fans will distribute the heat through the house.

Its all open with glass. You need to be a bit of a open spirit to live here.

This room is not going to be light. There will be some optimalizations but it will still be a showcase of what i can do.

Outside view

The Klub 17-0043.png


The Klub 17-0044.png


The Klub 17-0045.png

Lovers sofa, Kitchen and Bathroom.

The Klub 17-0047.png

Next to do is the outside. It will have a deck with a bath and some relax parts.

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FUCK IT LOOKS AWESOME! waiting waiting, 2 rooms on my wait list from your last post! I will need to save disk space fo sure!

Keep it up! It looks so great! 

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Building the Garden Deck. It will have a resting deck and a Tub. Found some nice lighting parts that im gonna insert.


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Made some updates

Outside deck

The Klub 17-0018.png

Livingroom set some candles and added lights

The Klub 17-0019.png

Wideshot set some candles

The Klub 17-0020.png

Made the bathroom

The Klub 17-0028.png

Animated the water for a hook 5 shower. I used two meshes at the moment but there can be 4 set in total. They turn in opposite sides.

The Klub 17-0022.png

Made a Lader of the bed as a separate object. could come in handy. And added some fases

The Klub 17-0023.png

Finished the ceiling fans. they run on a rotating script.

Still got some mesh work to do on the house. Also want to add a Sauna, Make a firepit for the deck and adding some more details like kitchen props and dress up the cabinets a bit. Still thinking about setting a dining area but it will block the livingroom wich i do not like.

Not sure about that.

The Klub 17-0027.png

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