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So, Serena Dermin...



So, Serena Dermindottir - Dermin for short. She is one of my first female RPG characters I've ever played with. Her inspiration came from Red Sonja, but she quickly diverged from the inspiration and became something entirely unique (at least for me and my friends!) She is also my  muse and I often find myself posing with her in the game.

She has long ondulated red hair, big expressive green eyes, very pale skin, a bit sunburnt and with discreet freckles on her face. She has an athletic, strong body, but also slim. She is tall, measuring 1,79m - one curiosity about her is that her body signs only on her left side, because of an anomaly on her birth.

Personality wise - She is a closed person, it's not easy to approach her, she can be intimidating, be it how she looks or how she behaves, but when you can pass through that, she can be very warm and friendly. She has a strong quick temper, yet, she likes to learn new things and is very curious. It's hard for her to shake off first impressions and formed opinions, though. She will never acknowledge any kind of superiority of any men, women or culture. For her everyone is equal, everyone can laugh, fart and die.  She has a peculiar, and maybe scatologic sense of humor, loving farting jokes, she can be very goofy too when she is among friends or with people she likes. Unlike Red Sonja, she loves sex, althought she is yet to fully discover herself on that matter.

She hails from the Spine of the world, the northernmost lands known by men in the Forgotten Realms Campaign setting. She is an Uthgardt barbarian and has 4 living brothers. She wanted to be a warrior, just like her two eldest brothers, but the idea of a warrior woman was scolded by her tribe since the chieftain exiled all the warrior women from the tribe.

She then secretly trained with her brother and took part of male games, then finally, exiled herself to join the warrior women - The Warriors of the Northstar.

The Warriors of the Northstar are a group of warrior women guided by the battle-fury Gwynharwyf, the entity who protects the borderlands of the domain of the moon goddess Selune.

As an trained but unproved Warrior of the Northstar she heard about her brother's death and went to the civilization to avenge him. On her adventures, she managed to avenge her brother and bring him back to life and become a famous adventurer and the Champion of the Northstar.


The pictures below are her at the beginning of her quest for vengeance, with her battle paint on her face (a black for pointed star), showing her Langes Messer, her favorite sword (in form of a moon) and is using her first armor. She still hasn't any scar on her body.  

UPDATE: I uploaded her model! You can check her out HERE!


The Klub 17-0608.png

The Klub 17-0610.png

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There's something truly endearing about her! Despite being a hardened warrior, she has a smile that gives off an air of wonder and innocence to her!

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