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City Courtyard



City Courtyard

This is the next project im working on at the moment.

It will be a city block with 4 usable appartments with each 3 rooms.

Its at 80 fps as an empty setup. i have made it as low fps is i can get it.

The plan:  to let you guys and girls to make a single appartment that we can turn on and of in the Hook GUI so we can safe fps and use all 4 appartments separate.

We will have 4 different appartments. Every room will have its own start position for easy object placing.

The best 4 will be included in the final room. just let me know if you like to be a part of this and i will send you the room.

You can use all assets out of project Hook5 objects.



I found that the light building is etmitting to much light and gives wierd glow so i will make it two brownstone buildings. I think our girls deserve that.

Starting poses for building 1 are done.

its abou-t 40% done.

Update 18-02

Fixed the sealings so there is no more overlap. this makes the rooms ready to use.

next up are the lightbulbs and than the start positions for appartment 3 and 4 and its ready.

its about 60% done.


Appartments for Sale.

We offer 4 beautiful appartments for sale. They contain 3 rooms. two big ones and a small one. Please contact Sexvision for more information.




The 4 rooms are all equal but are situated in two opposite Buildings. Get them while there hot




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On 4/11/2021 at 12:54 AM, RzyKns said:

Was this posted yet? 

Would love to have this room, even if it's empty.

Sorry for the late reply, i did not see this one.

Will work on the poses today and upload tonight so you can use it propper.

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On 4/11/2021 at 12:54 AM, RzyKns said:

Was this posted yet? 

Would love to have this room, even if it's empty.

Uploaded the File here:


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Didn't know I needed this, until I saw it.

I think your gritty locations go well with my gritty story style.

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