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Hello fellow Klubbers and people of culture!

Since I always struggle to keep focused and finish my various TK17 projects that I' ve started, I thought it might be a good idea to create a space where I can just dump some thoughts, show some WIP and maybe even get some new ideas, inspiration and suggestions...

You know the thing is, I really like creating stuff with TK17! But then again, sometimes it is just a pain in the ass. The crashes, awesome new mods with tons of new possibilities that require you to rework your models and poses (just as Diddy's Xbodies), the sequencer (oh boy that thing kills my nerves...), my love for perfection and attention to detail.... just to name a few. So more often than not, I start working on a new idea, but then after some time the work gets tedious due to the reasons mentioned above, and then I lose interest and end up with working on something else.

I really like creating models and poses and shooting hardcore clips with very explicit shots, showing all the glory of my models. I also had some ideas about choice based sequences and more story-based stuff, but the buggy sequencer actually killed that one for me. And to go into alternatives such as renpy or RGPM is just too much. In addition, I'm hesitant about publishing unfinished and unpolished stuff, but always going for that perfect product is time consuming and consequently keeps me from posting more stuff. And then again, without feedback, suggestions and inspiration from others it's hard to stay motivated and focused. 

I don't know whether this blog here will help me with that, but I thought it's at least worth a try. So I will post some thoughts, ideas and WIP here and please feel free to do suggestions and give feedback. Maybe you even have a model that you would like to see in a 0% Pussy Production?


However, here are a couple of pictures and shots of Ivy to begin with. It's from her first visit to the Maniac's production studio when she applied for a membership in the 0% pussy Club. Let me know if I should post more of that session, maybe in an album or a couple of short clips that I have lying around. I've also started to use x17's wonderful extreme expansion recently so if you're interested in some of her background info I could give some more insight there as well...







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Hey, nice to have a new fellow blogger!

Well, I also suffer "the search for perfection" problem, I wouldn't publish nothing I did if it was because of perfection. I learned that the secret to get things done is to publish them as soon as it's working. You can always update later and feedbacks will come. 

Looking foward for more!

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