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WIP of what am I working on recently



Hi, before my fight against the almighty Sequencer I started to work on a small sequence in a Fantasy set-up (with Elf, Sorceress... and a Frankenstein's Creature Wanabe). So here we go for a sequence with one of my v7.5 model upgraded for vX and Hook5 full, the retexture of the Lab by Nickcockman, great looking Hook5 clothes, the Xbody to go with and 4 persons... What could go wrong with all that stuff in the sequencer? Here what I did until now, I will upload it when the download issues will be fixed.

Update of 25/03/23: Jeanette has the lead in the pool for now, I will let it open for one or two weeks, then I'll go with the winner for my sequence. Also I said I would upload the sequence when the upload will be available again. Now it's the case and I make good progress but I haven't finish everything yet and I think it will be long. Tell me in comments if you prefer that I finish the video then I post it with the new content I use for it, or if you prefer I post some contents before I finish it.

Update of 10/03/23: I make some progress with some new poses, and I also work on the apprentice and her new clothes. Because yes it was her previous clothes which slows a lot my game...

Update: the first episode is live, you can check it here. Tell me what you think.

The location:


It's a cosy lab, a little windy and not very bright but with a lot of facility for your various experiments, including a catacomb in case you have shorten the life of one of your expe... need storage.


Lilith Esperandrax:

This young Elf has been employed to steal a formula book of the sorceress Aaricia Black, but she seems to curious for her own good...

Lilith 10.jpg

You can see more of her in that album.

The apprentice:

Her model will be on Jeanette or on Natasha. I made some screenshots so you can compare them and vote for the one you like the most:





I also start to make new poses for the sequence:

nullLilith.jpgLilith 4.JPGLilith 5.JPGCapture2.JPG




But it will take time because I have a lot of poses for mid-sized character and in this sequence I will use a max size man and 2 small women.







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