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Storage Room Level Def (Custom Object Room)



Here is another side project that I am working on, this is a object room that I had in mind for sometime now. 


The room initially started out with only a lights off version but after some thought I decided to create a lights on version that you can select from the Level definition manager. The lights off version came out as I expected and will be my preferred method of use of course XD








As I said before it is important that you test out the lighting when your model is placed in a room. The goal is to make sure they are well lit from all angles and whatever you do do have the lights on too bright and create less shadow on your model as possible. Patty does a great job demonstrating that as she is well lit and visabel from all angles.



She is well lit with the lights off and my motto is this "Can I see her feet perfectly" that is my thought process when designing a level definition.



This room was concepted because of a foot fetish scenario played out in my head and I wanted to recreate it in the game. I will say that I really love how this pose ended up working the way out as intended. Xalas rubs her feet as she looks at him and then down at her feet out of curiosity. She have never met a man who has a foot fetish and it's somehow arousing.



I made sure the lighting is perfect for visible viewing of her soles and feet lovers will definitely appreciate it when trying this out with their models. 



I finally got around to animating this STATIC foot worship pose a made over a year ago and it turned out perfect. No clipping issues or anything which is why I avoided animating this for so long. But now its complete and one of my favorite foot fetish poses that I've ever made.



This room and definition is ways off from release since I have other pose bundles and Level definitions to release first. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

SIDE NOTE: Boho Studio Apartment Bundle and Level Definition is finally complete and will release early March!


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3 hours ago, erikku90 said:

This is perfect for the school map as it can be basically a janitor's closet, this is amazing work.

Exactly is made for that exact purpose, schools, hospitals, you name it.

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12 minutes ago, Xalas said:

Exactly is made for that exact purpose, schools, hospitals, you name it.

This will be a staple room in my game once you release it, we don't have any rooms like this, so I am very much looking forward to trying it out.

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3 hours ago, erikku90 said:

This will be a staple room in my game once you release it, we don't have any rooms like this, so I am very much looking forward to trying it out.

If I happen to get these other packs done early then you can definitely expect this release much sooner! I will be using this room a lot myself XD

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