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Water Cavern (Level Definiton)



Yep more level defs in the work and this time I transformed the Nocturnal room into a Water Cavern. So let's dive into the process shall we?


So for starters here is the standard cavern which will be selectable in the Level definition manager. This room isn't used much at all and I believe that I am the only content creator who made a pose bundle for it which is "Breeding with the Dawngrowl Beast" that was released back in October of 2022. 




So here is the real highlight, which is the Water Cavern. It's called a Water Cavern for a reason, you probably can't tell but there is over course running water with a mirror underneath simulate reflecting water. You can see the reflection of the rocks from the water itself. Now just a fair warning that the mirror covers a huge area since it is a water cavern, so this could destroy some of your PC's in the FPS department. I can average around 54-60FPS with two models in this room, it varies where you are located in the room.  




I decided to allow Queen Aquaria to show off her domains level definition. So as you can see she is well let from all angles and there's reflection coming from the water because of the mirror. Water_Shrine_Level_Def_1-4.jpgWater_Shrine_Level_Def_1-9.jpgWater_Shrine_Level_Def_1-5.jpg



Okay that wraps up this blog, you can expect a pose bundle and the level def to release around maybe April or May. Let me know what you think in the comment section below 🙂

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Looks great!

Out of curiosity, is the water done using my water/mirror method or is it just a mirror?

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56 minutes ago, amaronap said:

Looks great!

Out of curiosity, is the water done using my water/mirror method or is it just a mirror?

Water Mirror method if that's what is called, You came up with the idea? Oh this is neat, my first time seeing it was when I saw Driver use it in a pic with his model and said it was a mirror under the water. It's kind of hard to see the water in the picture, not sure if I need to make more adjustments or something but you can see it in the game though.

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