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Trapp's Angels: Emi Akatsuki (Part 2 of 2)



Welcome to Part 2 of this Trapp's Angels profile featuring Emi Akatsuki. In case you missed it, here's Part 1 for you to read, in which I talk about Emi's creation and story. Now, we move along to know more about my lovely shortstack!

Emi's Xmas Peek (5).png
This might be one of my favorite pics of Emi-chan.
Even when being lewd, she looks adorable!

3. Personality and Relationships

Despite having been born a half-demon, Emi was always very well behaved as a kid. She learned things like politeness and mannerisms from her mother, who despite being a pure succubus herself, was actually very diplomatic and always resorted to negotiation instead of violence, being oddly gentle in nature when compared to most other demons. This made Emi develop an air of class and elegance that she carried through childhood all the way into adulthood. She is a soft-spoken girl with a gentle heart and never had she ever cursed anyone in her life, even after being a victim of Paulo and Derrick. After that ordeal was over, she became more erotic during her initial college stint, attracting the gazes of students and teachers alike, which led her to being scouted as a gravure idol. When she landed at Sigma, she made such an impression with her gentle face and voluptuous figure that she was placed as front and center of the agency's publicity efforts instead of their original choice, Sayaka Sugimoto, heiress to the Sugimoto empire.

The Klub 17-0082.png
Sayaka and Emi are like oil and water sometimes. However, as time went by, their friendship
has only grown stronger.

Emi is grounded and carries herself with maturity and grace everywhere she goes. However, she's not afraid to geek out and play videogames or read manga. She is into both Japanese and Western videogames and has even begun talks about becoming a Vtuber as well. That same grace she has, however, has played against her due to the fact that, when she started out, everytime she was about to be assaulted, she froze, barely reacting as she was groped or molested, obtaining that reputation of "the girl that will let you do everything you want and say nothing about it".  This weighed heavily on her mental and emotional health. However, after her spiritual fusion with Midara, she started to stand her ground more, and while she decided to pursue a career as a gravure idol, she stated that she wants to get away from showing her body and have people focus more on her talents.

In contrast, Midara bat Naamah is as devilish as can be. She is sardonic, mean-spirited, loud, brash and a total bitch. Her demonic nature makes her playful yet incisive in selecting her victims, and doesn't bother with tact when expressing herself, usually coming off as hurtful when speaking, openly mocking the person she's talking to, even Emi herself.

The Klub 17-0209.png
Midara is everything Emi isn't. Unapologetic, rude and openly perverted. She can even grow a cock!
Also, don't mind those nails. I fucked up on this gallery lol

Upon her arrival at Sigma, Emi has developed strong relationships with everyone there. Starting with Marina Nonaka, the lead idol manager and coach at Sigma, Emi met her at a live event and was taken aback by her beauty and elegance, but bonded with her after a moment of clumsiness. Marina was the spark for Emi to start embracing her geeky and clumsy personality. Emi looks up to Marina as a professional and as a woman, and admires her beauty, work ethic and kindness, seeing her as sort of a big sister figure.

She started a rocky relationship with Sayaka Sugimoto, who was originally Sigma's poster girl. Emi's willingness to follow instructions contrasted with Sayaka's difficult diva personality which made her the obvious choice to be a company's representative, not to mention her rising popularity. This made Sayaka jealous of her, but it wasn't until the arrival of Hikaru Ichinose that their relationship started to improve. Now, Emi and Sayaka are like a ying-yang and complement each other's strengths and weaknesses, learning to work perfectly in tandem. They occasionally butt heads, but have become close friends, with Sayaka going as far as complimenting Emi's natural beauty and stating at one point that "she's DTF her" whenever she wants.

Newcomers to the agency, Nina Sotelo and Negi Haruno are a different topic. As a former member of Maverick, Nina was informed that Emi was a demi-human with demonic energy in her, so she targeted her for elimination, only to be stopped by Hikaru himself. After realizing that having demonic energy doesn't automatically make somebody a bad person, Nina eventually abandoned her mission and became a make-up and wardrobe specialist for Sigma, assisting Emi and the other girls in the photoshoots and providing tips for them to add a different flavor to their work. Negi is the quiet and most straightforward out of the group, sometimes lacking restraint when speaking, but unlike with Midara, Emi understand there's nothing mean-spirited about her, so Emi wants to mentor her into embracing her outer and inner beauty and be more lady-like. Still, Negi appreciates Emi and will jump to her defense without even blinking if needed.

The Klub 17-0102.png
Emi was quick to accept Hikaru as her new coach. Unlike Sayaka, she took to heart every single lesson
he imparted in order to improve herself.

Upon being scouted by Sigma, Emi met Lincyn Hamilton, who was impressed by her appearance but sensed she lacked confidence and was very insecure. Despite that, she went with Marina's gut feeling and values Emi's contributions to her company's rising popularity. This however, doesn't mean she only sees numbers with Emi. She's well aware of what all of her idols have gone through and, though skeptical at first, she realized in due time that Emi always spoke the truth about her origins and has become one of her biggest supporters. Sigma's CFO, Anri Hasegawa (formerly of the Ecchi Squad) sees the girls, Emi in particular, as the company's golden eggs, and after seeing the financial success they have brought to the company, isn't shy about pampering the girls with expensive trips or upgraded facilities.

When it comes to her love life, she kept men at arm's length after she had to let Ramon go to live his own life. She is self-conscious about her body but eventually realized that most people only look at her with admiration instead of lust, leading her to be more accepting to interact with her fans as long as someone is with her at the events. That someone being Hikaru Ichinose, who was the first guy to notice her as a person rather than a sex object. When she met Hikaru, she saw him as an intimidating and tough guy, but they would always treat each other with respect. Hikaru learned about her from Lincyn and Marina and took it upon himself to build Emi's strength and determination, occasionally ending up in lewd situations with her as a result of her abilities going slightly out of control due to her becoming attracted to him, eventually developing a deep affection for him. She sees Hikaru as an anchor when she doubts herself and through their experiences together, is willing to let him be the only man to ever touch her in a sexual way from that point on.

The Klub 17-0109.png
Emi really admires and respects her Sensei, but she will use any opportunity to get close to him.
Happily, the life force she gets from his touch alone is more than enough to feed Midara.
Imagine how things get when they fuck rofl!

4. Fun Facts

- As stated in the previous blog, Emi's appearance is very similar to Ai-chan from the Anime "Tawawa on Monday". She has short brown hair with green eyes, but Emi's distinctive traits are a mole under her right eye and prominent fangs, which remained after her initial transformation into Midara. She's 152 cm/5'0" tall, weighs 48 kg/105 lbs and her measurements are a whopping 100 cm I-cup (Japanese bust size), waist 58 cm and hips 90 cm.
- All throughout school and to this day, Emi managed to maintain perfect scores in everything. She's gifted in studies and her favorite assignatures were always Math, Physics and Biology. She's currently studying to become a programmer and feels curious about AI technology.
- Despite building a career as a Gravure idol, she doesn't feel too comfortable showing off a lot of skin after what she went through, but will still workout wearing a sports bra a size too small for her chest and expose her midriff on several occasions, causing the rest of the girls to ogle her. On one occasion, Hikaru has stated that her workout attire is "too alluring".
- She loves cherries and will eat anything that has them, going as far as to imitate the infamous JoJo's Bizarre Adventure scene of Noriaki Kakyoin eating a cherry, which caused Hikaru and the girls' noses to bleed. Her favorite color is pink, despite not wearing it very often, and her favorite holiday is the Hanami (cherry tree sightseeing festival).
- She was an avid gamer in her high school years and to this day she currently plays portable consoles, like the Steam Deck or the Nintendo Switch, but also enjoys the old school stuff. Her favorite franchises are Metal Gear, Legend of Zelda, the Nier franchise, the Souls series, Dead Or Alive, and she's been getting into Hogwarts Legacy. Take that, antis!
- Even though her first sexual experiences were traumatic, her succubus side led her to pursue dangerous sexual thrills and after fusing her essence with Midara's, she has gone through exhibitionist phases. She feels guilty about her Free Use and gang bang fantasies, but after having sex with Hikaru for the first time, her fantasies solely revolve around him and becoming his pet. Ah, to be the protagonist of an adult harem story...
- Among the abilities granted to her after fusing her spirit with Midara's, she is now able to summon a certain degree of superhuman strength, activate mind control, release strong pheromones through sweat and saliva and even create a magic barrier... I mean, if she tried. She hasn't had the need to. Also, the fusion led her to accept her sexual side even more, showing it in recent photoshoots and especially before his dear Sensei.

The Klub 17-0074 copy.png
I don't care what anyone thinks. This edit is FIRE.

5. Model Download

6. Gallery Excerpts

To close up this blog, I'll leave you with a few of my favorite pics of Emi. There are literally HUNDREDS of them, so I would never get stuff done if I decided to post every single one. So, I'll leave you with my favorite selection, including an addendum to this gallery on a separate blog entry, which will show you a small "comic" I drew of her last year, inspired by Hookup Hotshot. No text, no interventions. Just lewds. You can watch it here.

The Klub 17-0215.png
Despite her gentle nature, Emi has finally decided enough was enough.
She wouldn't allow her demonic nature to control her, and would instead embrace it for her benefit.
The Klub 17-0028.png
So much so that she has managed to strike down two gropers on the street after some motivation.
Even wearing an outfit as skimpy as that one!
Workout Session (7).png
Despite being more confident, she's still a girl's girl and will get scared in moments of surprise.
Fortunately, she welcomes these scare jumps as they're somewhat innocent and playful.
The Klub 17-0072.png
Not one to shy away from thrills, she's gone and done some bold things lately.
Wait... Is she going commando under her costume?!?!
Emi's Special Service (1).png
Oh, new picture! And my GOD, she looks lovely...
Want to see what this is about? It will be out soon, I promise!
Emi's Special Service (57).png
Even when being such a lewd girl (not on purpose, mind you), Emi has a strong romantic
side to her. This was such a fun gallery to work on and I can't wait to show you the results of it!
The Klub 17-0262.png
Oh, did I mention Midara has a whole ass dimension to herself?
She enjoyed punishing Paulo and Derrick there!

Edited by Trapp
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