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UnRen Tool


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UnRen is a free tool created by one of the members of F95.com community.

The tool is used to unpack/unlock a renpy game.

To use it, copy it into  /game folder

Zrzut ekranu (196).png

Option 1 and 2: You get access to the files (sounds, music, fonts, pictures, scripts)

In scripts you can see how the game is written. There is all the code. It's a great way to learn some cool tricks and base coding as well.

Other options are unlocked in the game:

To activate in the game click Shift + D

Zrzut ekranu (198).png


It's a great way to well... cheat 😄 

We want to add for example money.

In Variable Viewer you can see all the variables used in the game. We look for the money for example $money, $me.money, $player.money and many others variations (The game creators have many ideas!)

Then in Console  write for example $money = 100 and click Enter

You are a rich man now 🙂 


Tip: Sometimes after using Unren the game doesn't want to start because of some errors. You should copy the game to the Renpy tool folder and start it through Renpy.


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