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Male body eyelash problem


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HI.  I'm just looking at a male body addon - the FatGuy/FatJack, here: Fat guy mod by kitkooma - Male Bodies and Heads - Klub Exile


There is an obvious problem in that the eyelash seems to be inverted:



What you see here should be on the upper eyelid.

( There is also a newer version of the addon that just gives a penis variation - the problem is present in both)

There are some lashes that are more discreet - I've used this one to highlight the problem.

The error is still present with the head mods I've tried.

Also, this Body doesn't seem to use Activemod eyelashes, so I can't just use a blank version.

It's hardly critical - I don't see this getting much use in my game ( no clothes will fit, for a start 😄 ) - but is there any way to fix this?



All My Downloads:   aardy's Content - Klub Exile

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2 minutes ago, sexybastardo said:

You can add the body to the body config file: TK17_Bodies.txt

"fatjack"  eyelashbug=false

That should fix the problem, maybe change eyelashbug to true.

Thanks - I'll give that a go.  What needs to go between the " " - is it the folder name ?

All My Downloads:   aardy's Content - Klub Exile

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30 minutes ago, sexybastardo said:

.Something unique from the addon name

Okay, interesting..

I assume the entry I've used ( "fatjack31" - part of the folder name ) is being read as the addon now works with Activemod lashes - it wasn't before.

The error is still present ( I've tried both 'true' and false 'entries' ) - but it allows me to use a blank Activemod texture which suits me better anyway.

So it has made the addon useable for me - thanks 👍  :classic_smile:

UPDATE:  changing the entry to just read "fatjack" seems to have sorted it completely - although the upper lashes are only visible from the top side.  Not a problem as I will be using a blank eyelash texture for this - I do with most male models  :classic_smile:

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All My Downloads:   aardy's Content - Klub Exile

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