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Recovering R9ZRooms


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Maybe we should regroup all this into one folder.

I'm sure there are many members who have rooms that others don't have.

Can we create a drop-in folder where people can deposit their R9room*.zip which is not already there, in order to complete 1-480 ?


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2 hours ago, Bbird said:

Maybe we should regroup all this into one folder.

I'm sure there are many members who have rooms that others don't have.

Can we create a drop-in folder where people can deposit their R9room*.zip which is not already there, in order to complete 1-480 ?


I think it's a good idea though, isn't it difficult to share such a big data with unspecified people?

Btw the youngest number of room I have ever seen is R8ZRoom201, so the maximum number of files is 280, I'd say.

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maybe a drop- in folder could be difficult to manage, but some moderator could manage some MEGA account,normal users could upload some rooms in a general "file sharing" like zippyshare (where link go dead in 30 days), in the meanwhile the moderator have some time to upload in the best well organized Mega folder of the world the rooms 😄

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15 hours ago, Driver said:

Yeah probably that is the most practical method I guess. I'll try to collect as much as I can for now. Can I ask you about the list, frabb?

what do you mean?  it depend what are you asking for 😄

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I'm not sure, but I believe Driver might be referring to the list of Add-on Rooms, one of the add-on lists that I spent four years maintaining on MG.

Unfortunately I don't have a backup of any of those lists. 😟 Sorry!

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2 hours ago, Olaf Sand said:

I'm not sure, but I believe Driver might be referring to the list of Add-on Rooms, one of the add-on lists that I spent four years maintaining on MG.

Unfortunately I don't have a backup of any of those lists. 😟 Sorry!


thank you Olaf Sand for your reply, I'm a little disappointed by that answer, but I was expecting it. I've salvaged a fragment of that list, will leave it here.


R9ZRoom201     Simple Bedroom                   By johnnyutah
R9ZRoom202     Lara's Bedroom                    By grumpf44
R9ZRoom203     Japanese Living Room           By johnnyutah
R9ZRoom204     Lara's Swimming Pool             By grumpf44
R9ZRoom205     Japanese Backyard & Room   By johnnyutah
R9ZRoom206     Pool                                     By johnnyutah
R9ZRoom207     Boxing Ring                          By johnnyutah
R9ZRoom208     AG3 House                           By Rick9
R9ZRoom209     Exotic Park                           By grumpf44
R9ZRoom210     Silent Hill - Madness Room    Ported from swav1

R9ZRoom211     Silent Hill - Heather Room     Ported from swav1
R9ZRoom211     Silent Hill - Heather Room     Ported from swav1 and modified by Hanshass1
R9ZRoom212     Lighthouse                           By Rick9
R9ZRoom213     Asian Boat                           By Rick9
R9ZRoom214     Campus Bathroom                By johnnyutah
R9ZRoom215     Exotic Village                       By grumpf44
R9ZRoom216     reserved by frabb
R9ZRoom217     Silent Hill Bar                       Ported from swav1
R9ZRoom218     Arabic Dreams                     By grumpf44
R9ZRoom219     Silent Hill Fireplace               Ported from swav1
R9ZRoom220     Medieval Castle                    By grumpf44

R9ZRoom221     Mansion Room                      By Batman
R9ZRoom222     Nothing                                By grumpf44
R9ZRoom222     House with pool                    By Berger
R9ZRoom222     A House                               By Berger
R9ZRoom222     Police Station                        By Berger
R9ZRoom223     Beach 2                                By Batman
R9ZRoom224     Red-White Bedroom             By frabb
R9ZRoom225     Indoor Tennis Court             By frabb
R9ZRoom226     Apartment                            By grumpf44
R9ZRoom227     Tortuga Beach                      By Team Shelter ported by grumpf44
R9ZRoom228     House with garden               By Berger
R9ZRoom229     Summer House                     By Berger
R9ZRoom230     Punisher Room                     By Chris63 & Ultrabad
R9ZRoom230     Punisher Room                     Other version by grumpf44

R9ZRoom231     Silent Hill Cathedral              Ported from swav1
R9ZRoom232     Empty room 1                        By frabb
R9ZRoom233     Silent Hill Happy Burger        Ported from swav1
R9ZRoom234     Empty room 2                        By frabb
R9ZRoom235     Silent Hill Subway Car           Ported from swav1
R9ZRoom236     Luxury pool                           By Berger
R9ZRoom237     Silent Hill Subway Station     Ported from swav1
R9ZRoom238     Low security Jail                   By Berger
R9ZRoom239     Wasteland                            By grumpf44
R9ZRoom240     Memento Mori Living Room   By johnnyutah

R9ZRoom241     3DCG House                         By johnnyutah
R9ZRoom242     Simple Pink Bedroom           By johnnyutah
R9ZRoom242     Simple Pink Bedroom           By johnnyutah modified by Ishaq
R9ZRoom243     Grass Field                           By johnnyutah
R9ZRoom243     Abandonned Land                By johnnyutah modified by grumpf44
R9ZRoom244     Purple Bedroom                   By johnnyutah & shoxx
R9ZRoom245     Lounge                                 By johnnyutah & shoxx
R9ZRoom246     Red Bedroom                       By johnnyutah & shoxx
R9ZRoom247     Concrete Bathroom              By johnnyutah & shoxx
R9ZRoom248     Backdrop Room                    By johnnyutah
R9ZRoom249     Snow Stage                          By johnnyutah
R9ZRoom250     New Yacht 2.0                      By johnnyutah

R9ZRoom251     Bakery Shop                         By johnnyutah
R9ZRoom252     Viewing Platform                 By johnnyutah
R9ZRoom253     Luxury Bedroom                  By johnnyutah & shoxx
R9ZRoom254     City Plaza                             By johnnyutah
R9ZRoom255     DMC Office                            By johnnyutah
R9ZRoom256     Blanc Noir Bedroom             By johnnyutah & shoxx
R9ZRoom257     Forest                                   By johnnyutah
R9ZRoom258     Mass Effect Captain's Quarters By johnnyutah & shoxx
R9ZRoom259     Garden                                  By johnnyutah
R9ZRoom260     Reserved by johnnyutah

R9ZRoom261     ME3 Bathroom                       By WitchKing
R9ZRoom262     ME3 Restroom                       By WitchKing
R9ZRoom263     Home                                    By Berger
R9ZRoom264     Interrogation Room                By Berger
R9ZRoom265     Underground Room                By Crysis
R9ZRoom266     Space Lab Room                    By Crysis
R9ZRoom267     Medieval Lodge                     By Berger
R9ZRoom268     Sea Dragon Bedroom             By Berger
R9ZRoom269     Paris Apartment                     By Berger & Shoxx
R9ZRoom270     Loft on the beach                   By Berger

R9ZRoom271     Hospital                                By Berger
R9ZRoom272     Boss Office                            By Berger
R9ZRoom273     Roman Temple                      By Berger
R9ZRoom274     The Briefing Room                 By Berger
R9ZRoom275     Baroque reception                 By Berger
R9ZRoom276     Massage Room                      By Berger
R9ZRoom277     Spa Massage                        By Berger
R9ZRoom278     School Pool                          By Berger
R9ZRoom279     Beach Bungalow                   By Berger
R9ZRoom280     Beach Pod                            By Berger

R9ZRoom281     Otaku Room                         By Hanshass1
R9ZRoom282     A Mountain Trail Room          By Berger
R9ZRoom283     Autumn Alley                        By Berger
R9ZRoom284     Asian Village                         By Berger
R9ZRoom285     Apartment In Time                By Berger
R9ZRoom286     Heaven's Night Stripclub       By Hanshass1
R9ZRoom287     City Apartment                      By Berger
R9ZRoom288     free
R9ZRoom289     Dance Floor                           By Berger
R9ZRoom290     Bedroom City                        By Berger

R9ZRoom291     Yusuf's flat                            By grumpf44
R9ZRoom292     free
R9ZRoom293     free
R9ZRoom294     free
R9ZRoom295     free
R9ZRoom296     free
R9ZRoom297     free
R9ZRoom298     free
R9ZRoom299     free
R9ZRoom300     free


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@Driver  thx for the list, it's a starting point.

When I got some time I'll see my files and checks if something  is missing. I don't have dl all the rooms of the MG,

but I am quite sure that some user have 100GB of dl files, a simple file list of their Folder would be very helpful.

BTW Olaf, I'm sure at the bottom of some HD you have still something 😆


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Yes exactly, if someone uploads list of addon rooms they have like Bbird did above comment, it will simply very helpful. 

By the way I have collected all available addon rooms in my HDD, now I'm uploading them to my mediafire folder. They are 123 rooms out of, approximately, 260-70 rooms. the File size is 2.1GB in sum.


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Could we -for peace of mind in the future- put the name into the addon when it is published?

I manually added the names to all of my room and toys addons, to quickly find the right room when I need to look up a texture or a script inside the archive.


So instead of posting R9Room246.zip  it should be named R9Room246.RedBedroom.zip

Please, please, please 🙂


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Of course I will! I'm already putting the room names to zip together as far as I know.

Also I'm planning to have shared album in gallery so that anyone can add preview image of rooms. 

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Good to see you are trying to complete the rooms archives.

I've uploaded the rooms I have in my game folder to my Mega account here: https://mega.nz/folder/yahBhAaa#jdjz5n4JTrtufNVT4xa2kg. Maybe it will be helpful?
I also have lots of textures and H5 level defs for these rooms, but I think the archives themselves will do for now.

There's also a backup folder on my other drive which might contain some more rooms which aren't in my active game folder. That folder is a huge unsorted mess though, so I will delve into that later today. If I find any other rooms I will upload those as well.

Hopefully this will help. Also, it might be a good idea to convert the T** files to the VX file structure before reposting them all. I haven't done that yet.

Let me know if I can be of more help.

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1 hour ago, Dregar said:

Also, check this: https://mega.nz/folder/KHQnSArI#BrDlrjtIhn6jhhy6SlVaZw/folder/6XxghaYR. Found the link posted by HDiddy at the Discord.

Thanks for your offer Dregar, that is absolutely helpful. Unfortunately I'm out now and will back home only next week (in opening of the week I guess) so I'll check your folder when I can use my PC again. See you then.

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here the "decoded" aardy's room list (163 Room)


R9ZRoom.AvarteasRm1                               Elf Garden
R9ZRoom.BergerRm1                                 Evening Room
R9ZRoom.BergerRm10                                Palace
R9ZRoom.BergerRm13                                Street
R9ZRoom.BergerRm16                                Home Wrestling
R9ZRoom.BergerRm2                                 Sinuoss Room
R9ZRoom.BergerRm3                                 Old Attic
R9ZRoom.BergerRm4                                 Outdoor Pool
R9ZRoom.BergerRm5                                 Indoor Pool
R9ZRoom.BergerRm6                                 Holiday Home
R9ZRoom.BergerRm7                                 Spa
R9ZRoom.BergerRm8                                 Palm Resort
R9ZRoom.DaspexRm1                                 Laboratory 2
R9ZRoom.DaspexRm5                                 DMC4 Fortuna
R9ZRoom.DaspexRm7                                 Dark Street
R9ZRoom.HunterRm2                                 Forest
R9ZRoom.NcRm1                                     Mia's Room
R9ZRoom.pugRoom2                                  Hotel Room
R9ZRoom201                                        Simple Bedroom
R9ZRoom203                                        Derelict Apartment
R9ZRoom204                                        Lara's Pool
R9ZRoom206                                        Night Pool
R9ZRoom207                                        Boxing Gym
R9ZRoom211                                        Cheap Room
R9ZRoom214                                        Campus Bathroom
R9ZRoom216                                        BBQ Party (Summer Park)
R9ZRoom217                                        SH Bar
R9ZRoom218                                        Arabian Dream
R9ZRoom219                                        SH Parlour
R9ZRoom221                                        Mansion Room
R9ZRoom222                                        CrowWitch Tower
R9ZRoom222                                        Hot Spring
R9ZRoom222                                        Mirador
R9ZRoom222                                        Tarmac (Airfield)
R9ZRoom225                                        Indoor TennisCourt
R9ZRoom226                                        Apartment
R9ZRoom230                                        Punishment Room
R9ZRoom231                                        SH Church
R9ZRoom233                                        SH Burger Bar
R9ZRoom235                                        Subway Car
R9ZRoom237                                        SH Subway Station
R9ZRoom239                                        Lost Planet (Wasteland)
R9ZRoom240                                        MM Apartment
R9ZRoom241                                        3DG House
R9ZRoom243                                        Grass Field (Savannah)
R9ZRoom245                                        Lounge
R9ZRoom248                                        Spotlight+Magic
R9ZRoom251                                        Bakery
R9ZRoom253                                        Luxury Bedroom
R9ZRoom254                                        City Plaza
R9ZRoom256                                        Black & White Bedroom
R9ZRoom257                                        Forest
R9ZRoom259                                        Garden of Dreams
R9ZRoom261                                        ME3 Bathroom
R9ZRoom262                                        Restroom
R9ZRoom269                                        Paris Apartment
R9ZRoom271                                        Hospital Ward
R9ZRoom272                                        Boss Office
R9ZRoom274                                        Briefing Room
R9ZRoom275                                        Baroque Reception
R9ZRoom276                                        Massage Parlour
R9ZRoom277                                        Victorian Massage
R9ZRoom278                                        School Pool
R9ZRoom279                                        Beach Hut & Riva
R9ZRoom283                                        Autumn Park
R9ZRoom284                                        Asian Village
R9ZRoom285                                        Apartment In Time
R9ZRoom286                                        Heavens Night Club
R9ZRoom287                                        City Apartment (DXonly)
R9ZRoom288                                        Future Apartment
R9ZRoom291                                        Luxury Flat
R9ZRoom296                                        Sherlock Holmes
R9ZRoom305                                        Asian Living Room
R9ZRoom306                                        Artroom & Courtyard
R9ZRoom310                                        Old Station
R9ZRoom313                                        Evil Tree
R9ZRoom314                                        Lagoon             
R9ZRoom315                                        Asian River
R9ZRoom318                                        Japanese Temple
R9ZRoom320                                        Medical Centre (DXonly)
R9ZRoom321                                        Hair Salon
R9ZRoom323                                        Autumn Picnic
R9ZRoom325                                        Gymnasium
R9ZRoom328                                        Under the Bridge
R9ZRoom330                                        MiniMart
R9ZRoom331                                        Enterprise Bridge
R9ZRoom335                                        Outdoor Lounge
R9ZRoom336                                        Tropical Villa
R9ZRoom340                                        Venice Apartment
R9ZRoom341                                        Holiday Hotel
R9ZRoom343                                        Desert Pool
R9ZRoom344                                        Fetish Factory
R9ZRoom345                                        FE Classroom
R9ZRoom347                                        Massage Lounge (DXonly)
R9ZRoom351                                        DMC Bedroom
R9ZRoom353                                        Princess Room
R9ZRoom357                                        Oval Office
R9ZRoom359                                        Hypercube
R9ZRoom360                                        Lunar Outpost
R9ZRoom363                                        Hacienda
R9ZRoom364                                        Emergency Ward (DXonly)
R9ZRoom367                                        Dunes (Pyramids)
R9ZRoom369                                        Stylish Apartment
R9ZRoom370                                        Dental Surgery
R9ZRoom371                                        Visions Bathroom
R9ZRoom372                                        Boutique
R9ZRoom374                                        Lost Temple
R9ZRoom375                                        Valentine Room
R9ZRoom378                                        WoodMan BathRoom
R9ZRoom379                                        Clinic
R9ZRoom381                                        McDonald's
R9ZRoom382                                        Black Lodge
R9ZRoom383                                        Tengaku Stage
R9ZRoom384                                        Paris Art Studio
R9ZRoom385                                        Nordic Chamber
R9ZRoom386                                        Nocturnal's Chamber
R9ZRoom387                                        Aspen's Room
R9ZRoom388                                        SciFi Base
R9ZRoom390                                        Hide-Out
R9ZRoom392                                        Hotel Room
R9ZRoom393                                        Classical Office
R9ZRoom394                                        Elbano
R9ZRoom395                                        Mead Hall
R9ZRoom396                                        Dance Studio
R9ZRoom397                                        Girls Dorm
R9ZRoom398                                        Cemetary
R9ZRoom399                                        Nefertiti's Tomb
R9ZRoom400                                        The Johnsons
R9ZRoom401                                        Malacath's Temple
R9ZRoom402                                        Trailer Home
R9ZRoom403                                        Garage
R9ZRoom404                                        Gemini Lingerie
R9ZRoom407                                        Casino
R9ZRoom408                                        Office Floor
R9ZRoom411                                        Psych Ward
R9ZRoom413                                        Whiterun Haus
R9ZRoom414                                        Greek Island
R9ZRoom415                                        Insemination Room
R9ZRoom418                                        Armoury
R9ZRoom424                                        MercTown
R9ZRoom425                                        DMC Lab
R9ZRoom426                                        Castle Quarters
R9ZRoom428                                        SciFi Corridor
R9ZRoom429                                        Stairwell
R9ZRoom429                                        Stairwell
R9ZRoom430                                        Japanese Cottage
R9ZRoom431                                        Shitty Apartment
R9ZRoom432                                        Breeze Pool
R9ZRoom433                                        Corridor
R9ZRoom434                                        Maria Prision
R9ZRoom439                                        Helios Prime
R9ZRoom440                                        Prison Visitor Room
R9ZRoom441                                        Emperor Throne Room
R9ZRoom442                                        Spa Massage
R9ZRoom443                                        Sauna (OpenGL only)
R9ZRoom449                                        Nordic Burial Chamber
R9ZRoom455                                        Russian Apartment
R9ZRoom461                                        Halloween Town
R9ZRoom464                                        Underforge
R9ZRoom465                                        Temple of Kynareth
R9ZRoom466                                        Broker Safe House
R9ZRoom467                                        Beach House
R9ZRoom468                                        Triangle Club



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Just remember that older rooms need to be converted to the VX format. No t*x*x files. Aside from that I'm totally onboard. I was going to offer up some rooms, but the bulk of the ones I have are already listed.

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  • Administrator

If some of you want to take on the challenge of VXing these rooms and posting, that would be huge.  The one thing MG was missing was a single source to all the rooms with working links.


EDIT: Never-mind @Bbird is already on it. LOL

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Do Not PM Me For Request - Put Your Request in the Forums

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I was just going to ask if the rooms were available for VX. Just got it and fell in LOVE with how good it looks and loads right off the bat! Where in the forum can I go and search for help files or ask for help about topics?

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7 hours ago, HDiddy said:

EDIT: Never-mind @Bbird is already on it. LOL

Sadly enough, I didn't have a backup of many rooms,

or I have room addons without textures + their additional Activemod folders which aren't originals anymore. 

I can't upload those.


5 hours ago, GuyInTheTrapperHat said:

I was just going to ask if the rooms were available for VX.

Those ones I have are in VX archive format already.

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