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Toy-Addon Texture Problem - Help !!


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I just wrote in the comments of the Drone 1.0.1 from RetyrtZ , I write here too for having some helps or suggestions from the Forum Members.

In my newly installed Tk17 Vx, Hook5 Basic, Vx updated to P on my Win 7 64 Bit PC, it's not displayed the texture of the chassis of this addon-toy.

Try the version 7.5, the Toy 547 too, a reduced Darkened Texture (a big thank a lot to RetyrtZ for the help and collaboration)

 I try to change the size (1024 to 512), the RGB options from "RGB_888" "Opaque" to "RGBA_8888" "AlphaBlend", "RGBA_8888" "AlphaMask" and "RGB_565" "Opaque" for this texture but always the same result.

I create an Activemod cartel too with the textures too but always no Chassis. 

It's really strange: all other toys are always perfectly displayed, with all the included Textures on my Vx.

In the Images my Dron on my Tk17 and as this will be (from RetyrtZ

Someone have a suggestions or ideas? Or same thing to try for resolve? 

Thank in advance, Best Regards and stay Safe.

The Klub 17-0081.png

Dron Ok Cazzo.png

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Some of the textures appear to be 32 bit for no reason, considering their .txf specifies RGB_888 Opaque.

It might also be a bounding sphere problem.  In Custom.Dron001\Scenes\Shared\Item\Dron001.bs you can try substituting:

line 22:      TNode.BoundingSphere Spheref( 0.0043, -0.98609, 0.11012, 15.4895 );


    TNode.BoundingSphere Spheref( 0, 0, 0, 1.000000027e+016 );

See if that helps.  I checked the Scripts\Shared\Dron001.ActiveMod.bs and it all works in AM just fine without Hook.  I moved all textures to their own "Drone" folder in AM and works.  Notably, there's about 50,000 verts in this thing and it bogs my old potato right down.  It might be those issues above that are causing Hook 5 basic to struggle.

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I change the line 22 in Dron001.bs and I save the Dron001Dron,png as "Color Scale", now it's 8 Bit but always the same problem. 

No chassis texture displayed 

My Win7 64Bit PC is not a Rocket with an AMD Phenon II 4X, 16 Gb DDR3 and a GTX 750 Ti 2Gb, but always I had no problem with Vx.

@Daspex Where can be a transparency set to (1)  in a toy .bs? 

Thank you to both for your reply.


The Klub 17-0085.png

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Hello. Let's try to make this damn thing work. I read this thread and it dawned on me, what if we try to remove the number of vertices from this model? I didn't create it; I just imported it into VX. Blender has a nice modifier - Decimate. I reduced the number of vertices in the model to a very minimal level. Perhaps this will solve the problem.


The Klub 17-0001.png


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9 hours ago, maw1968IT said:

Я пробую другие ваши аддоны, и у меня аналогичная проблема с текстурами с R2d2, хорошо. Черные !!

Most likely the error is due to some kind of mod. You said that you have quite a lot of them installed. Empirically, we found out that the problem is not in the number of peaks. The problem, I think, is in the display of the material that is assigned to the polygons of the model, and not in the texture. If your texture was not displayed, the model would still appear in the game, but it would be just a gray sphere, this also applies to R2D2, but this does not happen. Why this is so, I do not know, or the transparency of this material is turned on, you need to look at the .bs file. Only I don't understand this. The reason is clearly not in the .txf files, as this is an isolated case. Check, there should be Opaque everywhere, except for the file responsible for Lens. Let's see if someone has some fresh ideas.

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Let's try this option, without any textures at all. When loading, if everything is in order, you should have the option like in the screenshot, a silver sphere. This model has no textures at all, only materials assigned to polygons. These materials have all the defaults assigned by Blender. If the problem persists, then the reason is in the display of materials, here I can do nothing to help you. If this option works, then we will look towards textures.



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Hi Kurilshchik,

Just try now your 003 version but always the same (more shiny but I suppose it's for the Rooms _level definition: it's the "Hunter Room 18").

The 2x or 4X Mod can give this problem? I don't have installed this mod my models are in 1X size.

Only H5 Basic with same Rooms, toys as Addon but no other mods.

For testing I will try to reinstall the Hook 5, with the Additional_allinone. 

Don't remember if I had installed all (except for the OpenVR Binaries, as I suppose It's for VR system only)

Thank you again by now!

The Klub 17-0007.png

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5 hours ago, onevision said:

Do you have cullling disabled in OptionManager? There are several methods to do it, too.

Maybe it is relevant. Or maybe I'm just losing an opportunity to shut my mouth before saying something stupid.


Just to let you know that this method didn't work. (I'm having the same issue too). Maybe it's a mod conflict? Will have to investigate.

Edit: Looks like a Hook 5 issue, since it showed up in OpenGL. Wonder what it could be...?


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Hi Number251137

Yes, I try to launch Vx with the Culling Option disable (FrustunCull), with Toys and Toys 2 Enabled but always the same problem for me. 

This is my Manager settings, as per default: I don't change this options.

At least, as you write, I'm not the only one with this Issue in my Vx.

Thanks for reply.


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