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How to rotate walking pose and save me changes?


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I need help, I'm trying to edit a walking pose, I already have one ready, but when I try to edit it so that the character goes in a different path, I move it with the ctrl key and the arrows, but my problem comes when I give it to save Since it doesn't save the changes, does anyone know what I'm failing at?

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Rotating/positioning using ctrl/alt keys is not permanent IIRC. It basically rotates/moves the 'position' rather than the actors. You can try rotating with tkutils but it usually won't work for many poses with any rotations and is often only reliable at a 180deg turn (even then, some sliders will get completely inverted - vagina suction is often one IIRC).

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3 hours ago, Syke said:

Rotar / posicionar usando las teclas ctrl / alt no es un IIRC permanente. Básicamente gira / mueve la 'posición' en lugar de los actores. Puede intentar rotar con tkutils, pero generalmente no funcionará para muchas poses con rotaciones y, a menudo, solo es confiable en un giro de 180 grados (incluso entonces, algunos controles deslizantes se invierten por completo; la succión de la vagina suele ser un IIRC).

Thank you very much, it has been a great help, regards!

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Another workaround that might be worth trying. If you go into the BS File in the main scene folder (e.g. Archives/2.158.001/Scenes/Luder/Room/Classroom), you can find the coordinates and rotation of the various starting positions. It should look something like this: 

STransform :local_72 . {
    SSimpleTransform.Translation Vector3f( 0.25, 0, 1 );
    SSimpleTransform.Rotation Vector3f( 0, 180, 0 );
    Object.Name "Swall01_position_group";

If you change the XYZ values of the SSimpleTransform.Translation, that will move the starting position around the room (takes a lot of trial and error to get it where you want). The SSimpleTransform.Rotation values control the rotation, naturally enough. 

That way you can allocate an unused starting position to the walking pose however you want, and point it in any direction you like. You'll have to reload the room whenever you change to see how it affects the starting position. Hope that's helpful!

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