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Welcome to Klub Exile. If you happened to make your way to the site either from Lovers Lab or a Search on Google, we are glad you found us.  To unlock the entire site you will need to have a account registered.  Don't worry it is free but in the mean time you can read up on why we made the site and other little tidbits.  Feel free to join or Discord Server also if you have any more questions.  Thanks for stopping by and See You on the other side.

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About this blog

A blog where I will put more details about my WIP and upcoming projects and also about general experimentation with assets and modding in TK17.

Entries in this blog

Connection between the TK17 UI and H5 features

There could be potential idea here, and it doesnt seem complex, if we assume the connection between certain H5 assets to TK17 default UI - so connecting H5 features to something like sliders, or spinboxes, or checkboxes or similar. So, in a way, the way to manipulate with H5 features not only through H5 menu, but potentially also through TK17 UI. The idea would be simple as switching the _pass input on the flow. For example, a user in game could potentially switch normal maps dynamically. H

Experimentation around quadripedals, armature and puppets

I have decided to take a bit different path from my recent projects, that were related mainly to GUI overhaul and Customizer room improvements. This is about experimentation around quadripedals. The idea would be to port the new model either as full model, or puppet. But the puppet would seem more probable, considering everything. The hfg2's work around custom armature is crucial here, and capability to translate, move and even add bones - but theoretically, it could go even from perspectiv

GUI Visual Overhaul

Currently, Im working on GUI visual overhaul going from launcher icons design, boot background, menu background, all the way even to loading icon and complete redesign of menus, buttons and icons. I will try to mod this further, to the point of modding even what we werent able at the moment. Will see how it progresses, but I think the game itself truly needs a GUI overhaul in all potentially possible aspects, from practical utilization, to esthetic aspect. We must be frank and say that old


x17 in GUI Visual Overhaul

New Customizer Room

Current progress : VERY good ... made a fully new customizer room that will be available very soon for everyone. This room is visually going into direction of KE site visuals. But I will also put several variants for people to choose. It is a very simple room, very minimalistic, and much better than vanilla customizer which was very stale and simply an eye-sore over time. This one goes more into futuristic and modern direction - altough note that I have made various textures, including the


x17 in New Customizer Room

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