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Comic Update 25/08/2022



Hey everyone! Been a while!

So, a couple of weeks ago, I uploaded my latest comic: The Stone Sisters, and I came to realize something truly horrific: I FORGOT TO TRANSLATE ONE BLOCK OF TEXT lol!  :uebu:

In any case, I hope that whoever gets to read this is aware that the comic is up. Also, if there are any Spanish speaking members that follow me, let me know if you wish to read the Spanish version of that comic. I should probably make a post dedicated to that comic after this... In any case! I bring you two of my sexiest chicks! Misha Kovalenko and Erina Serebrova!

The Klub 17-0016.png

These two young ladies have been the main inspiration for me to go into comic book making, and Erina in particular was my first ever FMC when I started with Sex Tales about two years ago. I still love her to death and want you all to see more of her! She originally had small breasts, but during production for Sex Tales 5, I thought... Why not make her boobs bigger? So I did. I cloned her original model and made her bustier. The original model still exists for I have plans for it, but now, Erina got her boobs done in my Sex Tales canon!

As for the attached image and gallery, I spent the majority of this week troubleshooting all the outfits I got from @vi363R and after some very useful tips from the admins, I got them to work! ...Except they were meant to be used only with the F7C body shape... Thankfully, XBody saved the day and now I'm in the process of converting my models to that body style (at least the ones I picture wearing these great outfits) and it's been a pain archiving every single addon and texture group, but it's been totally worth it since not only I have order. All the addons work perfectly now! Even @Smoke's own Xiled Carnival bikini now works! I wish more Dead Or Alive content made its way to TK17. The Xtreme Venus Vacation girls are all God-tier... Aaaaaaanyways...

There are several comics in progress in one way or another. Progress on these may vary depending on job hunting/job obtaining, writer's block or only if I don't feel creative enough with galleries. Upcoming titles are Gravure Love (starring my darling Marina), a comic about Misha overcoming her hatred of men, and perhaps something more in the vein of CastingCouch... But we'll get there when we get there. In the meantime, have some post-Soviet ass. :onejust:

The Klub 17-0005.png
F7C Booties look so GD tight!! But I'm still becoming familiar with them.
Hopefully, things will turn out alright.
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Really liked the passion you put up on this text! Surely I'll check the Comic! You should link it right here on the blog! So that people who get curious may see right of the bat!

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