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Re-Working the Starship Bridge



the Starship Bridge

I have noticed that the starship bridge is not finished yet.

Im doing the rework now because it is actualy a very nice room.

Working on spec maps and missing textures at the moment.

here is a screenshot where i am now:



made a few monitor textures and made them glow a bit. this will create a little light already.


Also exported the UV maps for the monitors so we can place text on them. specmaps are not ready here im trying some things out at this point.


Working on a level def a bit turning out nice but still way to heavy.


This will be the start for level def. no lights running 96 fps



Finnished the monitors in the middle. all separate textures with UVs. tweaked leveldef a bit.



flipt the room 180 deg. to make use of the sunlight to create better light and shadows.

done 92 objects at the moment still more than 300 to go. this one will take a while to finish.

on sunlight alone i still get 92 fps with 2k textures.


lights are comming along slowly. every light needs to be retextured.


Not sure what to do with the monitors yet. these are just placeholders.

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49 minutes ago, arse22 said:

Do you plan to do texture optimization if that makes sense?

Yes. but first working on the lights and spec maps. texture alone without lights will run on 80fps so thats why the lights go first.

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update 14-3

Lights are almost done and still running 90+ fps. Still on 2k textures.

almost done half of the 422 objects for this one. still a lot of work to do.



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My specs are as followed:

resolution: 1980 x 1200 native hitting 90+ frames

intel i5 8600k clocked on 5000 mhz on 6 cores

GPU 1070GTX clocked to 2100 mhz

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