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Male Body + Female Head?


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Looking to make a more androgynous and/or effeminate male. While this is possible using defaults, I like to make FutaxMale content, and the male mouth morphs aren't up to task.

In the pictures below are my custom male model, and a custom shemale model based on the custom male (Don't worry, they're posed alone; no dicks present).
They're both using the exact same PE morphs, but as you can see the males have really ugly, jagged deforms at the corners of the mouth, whereas the the shemale model has a very smooth, appealing deformation. No amount of FaceMorph slider-screwery in PE was able to remedy this in a way that abated my spaztasticness.

Thus I'm hoping someone out there either:
A. Has a model of MaleBody+FemHead lurking on their drive.
B. Can point me in the direction to make my own.
3. Is willing to use their vastly superior knowledge and slap one together.

Option B is preferred, because I like to do stuff myself, but with search down finding TK17+Blender tutorials is kind of a nightmare. Or I'm just blind. Or both.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated. 




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Manipulating anything to do with heads in Blender is fraught with difficulty as they tend to either crash the game or just explode verts everywhere.  It's not quite as simple as just swapping heads as although they have the same number of verts, weights might differ and they're different sizes, particularly around the neck.  Not sure how to blend that in.

I doubt it's been done in the history of the game and I haven't seen it, probably many reasons why.  There are some things in this game that just can't be done and sometimes settling for a smaller-than-elephant dick might be necessary.  You could try renaming female head textures as male, see if that helps the eye-candy factor but it's doubtful.. :classic_happy:


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On 9/1/2021 at 10:33 AM, MrOllyK said:

I doubt it's been done in the history of the game and I haven't seen it, probably many reasons why. 

This was done in some form or another, and an exact example is one of the first demos of a Genesis 3 Head (different topology) grafted on a female body.

The body structure is defined in body01.bs file or similar, as long as the body is correctly defined, any body can range from a plane or a cube to a very high poly body.

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