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Patreon/Sub signature, user agreement submission


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  • Administrator

This post is meant to serve as reminder and as a means to give people the chance to present their work (be it making mods, models, poses, media content, etc).

In short, patreon has always been at the center of attention, all for the wrong reasons. We determine that people failed to take certain people accountable for the mistrust and the failure to keep and moderate the pateron fever. That is no more here, as we will address it correctly here.

First off, follow the Patreon guidelines: You can view it here (https://www.klubexile.com/topic/1291-patreon-content-rules-regulations/#comment-10220)

If you have a patreon and wish to have it in your signature and/or displaying the link in your post(s). Contact a admin (it most likely has to follow the criteria that is mentioned - Again, contact a admin first). Failure to do so, will lead the user being sanctioned (the severity will differ as it is up to a admin to see what they see is the right course of action).

We have also seen several people with a patreon and or monetizing content (be it media, mods, etc). For media content - IT IS HIGHLY SUGGESTED that you contact the creator of addons, mods, poses/animation, texture mods, models, etc AND ASK THEM FOR PERMISSION. Failure to do so will lead to being sanctioned. To give you a example: If you want to to use my dress in your media content, contact me and ask me for permission so I can give you the green light. Otherwise I view that as a sleezy way to monetize the work and good will on my work that is made for free and will lead to be being sanctioned.

If you want to use other people works; say users like; Sexvision, amaronap, NCP, etc. Please include a admin in the discussion so we can verify that YOU asked and the creator/author gave permission. Failure to do so, can lead to those users reporting YOU and you being sanctioned. 

There is currently NO option to resell mods/addon, models, poses/animation that was create by the KE community and for the community (KE and outside the KE community). IF we notice or are told of such practice, and it is verified; you will be banned. (people/the KE community can report such individual to a admin staff and we can the insure that the appropriate steps are used to put a end to it).

These are the current users allowed to display and have their patreon in their signature and/or display a link in their post:

  • Berger
  • Pervokpetr
  • frabb
  • Nickcockman
  • Smoke

These are the current users that have asked and been allowed to user the content in their patreon and/or monetization site(s):


Example of a template:
(users name) has asked the creator of this content (link), to be used in their patreon and/or site. (admin) has verified of the agreement.


You can contact any of the following admin staff:
@Smoke @HDiddy @Euphie @x17 @Gemini Kanon @Oz70NYC

(Admin staff - please update this post with any changes)

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