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Problems with voices in sequencer


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I have several voices to chose from in the personality tab/options when i go into customize model mode, but when i´m in sequencer mode i only have 3-4 voices to chose from. Any idea what could be wrong. In personality tab in customize mode i have maybe 30-40 voices to chose from.

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There's nothing wrong when you have only 4 voices to choose from in Sequencer:


Each voice corresponds to the actor you chose (you can choose their individual voice in Customizer).  Voice 1 = MySelf, Voice 2 = SexMate etc.:


If however you want to SWAP an actor in Sequencer:


@OysterMug is right that it will only let you swap one that's come from the same "stock", cloned or otherwise, but it will have it's own voice that you set in Customizer.  Models have certain files and therefore attributes which they share with others.  These files are loaded when the Sequencer loads.  If a certain model has the same attributes as another, it can easily be swapped in the Sequencer timeline, others can't because they're incompatible and their files haven't been loaded at that time.

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