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Looking for a text editor.


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Hi all, I hope I'm not writing in the wrong place, but if that is so, I'll delete!


I have been playing around with the universal skins system (by Hididdy, I believe?) and boy I love it. I have one problem though: editing the Skin definitions text file is a bit of a bitch, because I have to scroll up and down looking for keywords I need to edit and all..

In a guide of his about how to use the Universal Skins System - which was wonderful, by the way - I saw in his screenshots that he uses a text editor which  divides the text files in easy to open and close tabs, corresponding to the different body parts to be edited (body, head, hands, feet and hooha).

Does anyone know what program that might be, or of a similar alternative?


Thanks people!

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Thanks for the quick suggestion 🙂.. It doesn't look like it, judging from a quick google images search, but I'll try downloading it, thanks!

What I liked about his text editor was that it was very intuitive and tidy. The tabs were marked in orange, I think, and by all appearances you could just reduce your text file into 5 tabs - one per body part - and, closing them all, just see the 5 titles with a + button to reopen each of  them. That way, instead of having the whole mess of text open all the time, you could open and edit the relevant section, keeping the rest closed and tidy..

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11 minutes ago, onevision said:

Check out the Compare plugin. It's a blessing for people like us.

I'll do that, thank you so much! 🙂


Also, for the few people who might find this of any use being total noobs like myself, here's a video on how to set those "tabs" (it's actually called folding, so I guess I'd call them folds -seems appropriate, given what we work on 😉 -) I was talking about:


And a suggestion: remember to start the folds with a space after the bracket (or the symbol you've chosen, anyway), otherwise folding won't work: It took me more time to get that than it had any right to ... 


Thanks everyone for the help and the patience! 😄


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In N++ you can also define the styles for your code. I've created a custom language xml for H5 skin text files

Just put userDefineLang.xml in your N++ folder and select Language>Hook5 skin from the menu

You can add folding parameters to my definition or create your own



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On 2/16/2021 at 5:08 AM, IIIlll said:

Notepad ++ maybe

He got it right the first time.

I use NotePad++ with a User Defined Language I created to help organize things.



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On 5/12/2021 at 6:33 AM, HDiddy said:

I use NotePad++ with a User Defined Language I created to help organize things.

Yeah, me too... although I recently found out that if I edit a skin with the H5 GUI and press save it removes all the user defined formatting (or what should I call it). Anyway around that? I like using both the GUI and the "old school" text editor method It's much faster to copy+paste directly in the text editor when you want to copy some layers from one skin to another...

That Winmerge thing looks interesting...

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