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Which Room Is This?


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1 hour ago, BeaTleS said:

I tried, these poses are not for this room.
About the cafe I know.

Ask HDiddy, he made them. Also i didn´t mean the dorm room made from the original bedroom that is shared here. It´s room 397, in the activemod folder you have it named R_397_Girls Dormitory and is in HDiddys Mega shared folder



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2 hours ago, BeaTleS said:

I tried, these poses are not for this room.
About the cafe I know.

I don't make poses from scratch, I just modify them. As @pes1972 said they are for girls dormitory which I believe is uploaded.  That said, as @Sexvision mentioned you can also use TKX Utilities to make the poses work for any room.  You just need to change all the locations that have an "*" to "FLOOR" and no, this will not impact the locations they were set for Girls Dormitory.  Also to note those poses uses a Tall Male and Normal height female.

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