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Scaling room


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Poses are usually adjusted for tables, chairs and other things of certain default dimensions.

But there are a lot of rooms with furniture, which size doesn't fit, and models are flying in the air or fall into textures. Of course, there is a PE, but poses are much more than rooms, so it would be useful in some cases. Fortunately, a floor is always the same 😄

Is there any simple way to scale an entire room, for those who cannot in blender? It's just an idea, there are sliders for size of each element in the game, from fingers to hairs. Maybe there is a kind of config parameter, a couple lines of script, or smth like that.

Sorry if there were already such questions, tried to search in the forum, but nothing was found.

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Short answer - no.

To add context: Most of the legacy rooms are based off a 'time period', which is not bad but people went crazy. So some pose location/markers are placed 'in' furniture and/or in weird areas. So perhaps there was a explanation to why but that is long gone. And in fairness, yes some of the scaling for old rooms is 'off'. But again, perhaps there was a explanation but it long gone.

Also another aspect to note - the 'scaling' is based off what the original devs saw as being the default way to go about it. So the vanilla rooms, tables, beds, etc are within the same height, distance, etc. So many of the rooms that was created from modders comes from different sources that different scaling and sizes for tables, beds, etc.

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