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Update from 31.05.2019


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Reworked camera object:
- added possibility to bind camera with hook static object, first ever subset of static object will be used. Use the same parameter "rendering_source" in section of hook object
- "rendering_source_uvoffset" and "rendering_source_uvscale" (two component vectors) moved from camera object to receivers, this will allow assign camera result to several object and adjust result applying for each independingly. For example:
   enable = true
   position = 0,0,0
   rotation = 0,0,0
   scale = 1,1,1
   model = blablabla
   rendering_source = camera_01
   rendering_source_uvoffset = 0, 0
   rendering_source_uvscale = 1, 1

   the same lines can be used in pass file of villa object texture

- added possibility to set camera as active render camera - added key function "funcCamera" in main11.fx, by default it assigned to CTRL + F3, but you can change it in main11.fx. This function will switch in cycle through all cameras in scene and villa main camera

- camera object can be used with lua scripting, see "HOOK_LUA_HELPER.txt" from "Lua_binaries_and_examples_31.05.2019.zip" from my patreon page - it was updated. Also global function in lua can be used - "set_active_hook_camera( camera_name )" to set camera as active render camera, if pass "none" to this function then game camera will be activated

First - I not happy with how camera integrated in rendering pipeline, rendering algorithm all this time was constructed from defining villa camera position and rotation, I had a dedicated place in code where a lot of global parameters was defined from game camera data and this data are important for lot of steps of rendering. even mirrors did not break this rules. But after you asked me implement possibility set hook camera as active render camera, I had to find a way to redefine a lot of rendering parameters on the fly, and I saw that my code was not ready for such changes. It works...just a bit bother me, it make me think that I need rethink whole rendering pipeline.

Second - I got 2K monitor as gift, and....this is made me sad. It good, but now villa runs at 50 fps for me, if I use some camera in scene then it goes worse - 25 fps. I had old (but good) monitor 1280x1024, and I did not thought to change it, the villa runs on it with 110-120 fps, and I thought that everything fine, now I had a head pain with thoughts - "How I can optimize render???", and in the same time I'm afraid that there is not much ways to do it, but I can't stop thinking about it, even if it looks logical - I got more than twice in count pixels on screen and now all effects required more in twice time to proceed all this pixels. Some effect like HBAO take even more time: old monitor - 1.2 ms, new monitor 3.6 ms, but such amount of ms are critical, for example you have render that perform shading at 10 ms, so 1s / 10ms = 100 frames per second, but if some effect take 3 instead of 1, you got 1s/13ms = 76 frames per second, as you can see fps changes drastically. So right now I'm a bit in frustration....had no clue what should I do further - implement next steps or start search way to optimize hook render.

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