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Update from 30.04.2020


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It should be ready in next couple days and I'm think that unlike prevs updates I should warning you before it comes, in general due to changes in displacement calculations. Due to last tests and infos (see previous post) I changed zero level of displacement to what it should be i.e. 0.5, so after new update you will have to change/adjust your displacement maps, in other case you will get ugly results with your models. Long time I can't relax because this question bother me a lot, but now when all programs show me correct middle level - I know thats everything correct, so I removed all adjusting coefficients from displacement code and BASE/ZERO LEVEL now equal to 0.5, I also added ability to check displacement maps by hook, in overlay category you will find option to load and enable displacement map, with this, hook will fill screen with this texture and will fill with red zones that equal 0.5 in respect to some treshold.

Also update will contain:
- SSAO, MXAO, HBAO fixes for MSAA mode (still not catched edge glowing, reported by some member) with/without iUseHalfSSAOSurfaces
- SSLR fix for MSAA mode
- Loading for CustomizableSkin
- Renaming for CustomizableSkin layers and correction for clone operation
- Visibility groups (in thoughts BindingGroups, but probably not in this update)
- Changes in paths definition for skin textures, since lot of member report about problem (for me both versions of this algorithm works just fine)
- Cloth displacement fix - (can't beleive that I forgot include middle level in calculations )

Loading CustomizableSkin
Will load skin from current skin folder and set it as active in _skin_definition.txt. You will not be able to load skin from anywhere, only from current skin folder

Visibility Groups
There is no gui to create it (it will require coding up to 3~4 Imgui windows). To create group you need create section in skin file below other sections like this:

    MyVisGroupName = visible state(true or false), BodyPartName\LayerName, AnotherBodyPartName\AnotherLayerName and so on
Example with stockings in my skin:
   Stockings = false, SkinBody\Stockings, SkinFeet\StockingsFeet
   HighHilsFix = true, SkinBody\LegsHHFix, SkinFeet\FeetHighHeelsFix

Skin textures
Have no clue how it can not works. But once again: if you use _hook5data inside ActiveMod you don't need provide any path in main11.fx parameter cSharedHookFolder, if you use _hook5data outside game folder you have to provide path to folder that contain _hook5data or (from now) to _hook5data, in my case I'm use _hook5data that not in any game installation and I use cSharedHookFolder parameter to provide path to folder that contain _hook5data:
   C:\Games\SharedHookFiles, from now path like C:\Games\SharedHookFiles\_hook5data also will be correct

Cloth Displacement fix
From now middle level of displacement for cloth will be expected as 0.5(50%, 128 and so on). For photoshop users I advice change gray settings (previous post, hfg2 comment) - bring up color settings window (shift + ctrl + K ) and change next parameter from "dot gain" to "gray gamma" or "sgray" probably depends from PS version:
with this phototshop will not change gray color of your maps. If you use GIMP, then as according to hootie it display correct gray value. Onve again zero(middle) level of your displacement maps should be equal to 50% of gray (128 from 256), so you need adjust brightness of your displacement maps alpha channels to bring it to this value.

mouth_eye_fix below contain two displacement maps that I shared earlier, one for eyelids fix fro my head mod, second for open mouth fix


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hi Perv, I have a very serious problem:

When I open the HOOK5 interface, everything is fine, but when I open folders like _Hook5data or activemod from there,
to start customizing my skins, I suffer a BRUTAL FPS drop, but at catastrophic levels, ranging between 1 to 2 fps without being
able to do it absolutely nothing, it stays like that for a few minutes and it takes a lot to get back to normal.
When this happens, it is as if the hairs that I am using are reset, (it changes to the original color, and the eyes too)

Even when it solves, I close the H5 interface, and for a few minutes everything is fine, but then the FPS starts to drop in the same way.
The only way for this to never happen is by not opening the _hook5data and activemod folders, it's super weird.

Discarded any problem with my PC, because I play other things and also I did a performance benchmark
and there are no resource saturation problems or anything like that.


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I've also suffered from this huge fps drop (it happens even in empty room w/o cube map) and it followed by hair color reset and vanishing iris like img above. I found when it happened I almost used up video card memory (6G), so I suspect this is memory issue (memory leak?). This never happened with former versions.

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