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Welcome to Klub Exile. If you happened to make your way to the site either from Lovers Lab or a Search on Google, we are glad you found us.  To unlock the entire site you will need to have a account registered.  Don't worry it is free but in the mean time you can read up on why we made the site and other little tidbits.  Feel free to join or Discord Server also if you have any more questions.  Thanks for stopping by and See You on the other side.

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About this blog

Preview some of my work or explore the backstory of my models.

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Some "stuff" for H5E..........

Alright, been semi busy and I couldnt really get my feet off the ground for the past couple of weeks. Been just using my free time to "play". But in my quest on trying to get my models to look better. I've dove deeper into the H5E skin layer system. So I've been slightly cleaning up my H5 SL folders. And well, haven't a decent amount of content for H5E layers that needs a little sorting to be done with. In short I have the follow that I want to post here in KE: 2 exotic skins textures


Smoke in WiP

Bro Code

So I've been lurking and working behind the scene. As many are aware, male clothes are hard to come by. Mainly because this game is meant to have the males naked and swinging its dick around and inserting in what hole there is. Jokes aside, males clothes are kinda annoying to make. There is just something off with how weights are handled within the game. In short, male weights are either unfinished or just half assed. And even if you try to fix it, the game reads it weird. For exa


Smoke in Bruh

Skin Deep

Check out the story for picture previews! So for the past weeks, I've been looking for some skins! Sure the current ones aren't bad but IMO it doesn't hurt to have more and more variety. Plus we are greatly in need of some ebony skins. Well - I've converted some skins from daz. Did touch on PS. So I recently converted 3 different skins - 2 white and 1 black. More details when they are released. As is, I'll probably not convert the Norms as we have some great norms, specs, etc.


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Update on 'The Beach' and other stuff..........

So where to start? Well lets get the bad news out the way - so the reason I haven't released is because a little issue has been hunting me and I've been trying to find a solid fix to it but so far it has yet to yield a fix. The issue in question has to do with the water. Shit like this tend to burn you out because you are always running into dead ends. So I somewhat put it aside and went on to work on other projects. And the good news! Well it I think I may have found a solution when I


Smoke in Worlds

Va-MOOSE to the Beeeeech!

We are going to the beach 'bitchachos'! Ok so I only shared 1 rooms and never created another one. I mean, I can't let @HDiddy 1 up me! I taught him - can't let the student surpass!!!!! JK JK 😉 (Can't turn into a karen with the power level to the 17 lol) So this is another one of those - I (personally me) need this spot/location. We got pools but really no natural spot. And the vanilla beach really doesn't cut it for me, it to basic, bad pose positions and just really outdated. So


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The Coomers are coming! (Maybe)

I see this project of mine as the beginning of something different and interesting. Currently I started off with a cum shot - from there I'll be releasing a facial mask and (maybe a mouth addon). Currently, I have fiddled around with another facial addon. This "other" one is less intense than the one that I currently have lined up. Never the less, it should have a good visual impact for your perverted nature. Which will bring me back for the possibility of Coomer V2, V3, V4, etc.


Smoke in Love Juice!

Kum back!

Ok, so I started this little project a little bit over a year ago. In short, I shelved it because of the multi-layer issues/transparency stuff and having those polygon eyesores. Well, now that I have a better grasp of multi-layers. I can use transparent textures better. What that means, those polygons/mini triangles should either be gone or completely limited. So I decided to come back to this project because, I need a better cum functionality. The in game cum blast is meh to me. Its l


Smoke in Love Juice!


So I've been remaking a bunch of legacy content. From mine and from content made by Morekai. So 1 item that I've been recently working on is the Cowl Neck Mini Dress. I already remade this 2 times already. This is the 3rd time and is the last time (I've been told to move one, though - I completely agree, its just hard to leave such content in a state that has room for improvement. But this dress is "newish". Morphs - They have either been redone and replaced and created new ones. Since XMor


Smoke in CNMD


Decided to put this here and this is a temp blog post. Want to hear people out, etc and have a "grown" ass discussion/debate. If you are gonna be a beta about it - don't post and go jerk off in a corner. Now - as we know, patreon has been a issue in MG. It has created a exodus of creators because of the lack any control and or policing of it and the biggest problem was "favoritism" - video patreon were given a green light and if modders dared think about it, they would be chewed off. I soun


Smoke in Basic Heels

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